What Do Toxic Tort Lawyers Do?

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Toxic tort lawyers provide advice and legal help for clients who have been harmed by exposure to toxic substances. For example, this type of lawyer might help a client who has been harmed by exposure to mold, contaminated water, pesticides, or dangerous chemicals and materials on a job site. This type of attorney may also help clients who have been harmed by a pharmaceutical drug. Toxic tort lawyers work to help their clients prove they have been harmed by a dangerous substance as well as work to defend parties who have been accused of causing exposure that harmed another.

When a person needs help with a case that arises from exposure to a dangerous substance, he may turn to a toxic tort lawyer for help. This type of lawyer typically has experience and training in dealing with cases involving harmful substances. Depending on the needs of his client, he may offer advice about handling a toxic tort case, help in negotiating a settlement, or represent his client in court. He may work on behalf of the plaintiff to prove that he has suffered harm and deserves compensation. Toxic tort lawyers also work for defendants to prove a client is not responsible for the harm the plaintiff suffered.


There are many types of cases toxic tort lawyers handle. For example, this type of lawyer may handle cases involving occupational exposure to hazardous substances, such as asbestos. He may also help clients with cases involving the adverse reactions caused by prescription drugs. Likewise, he might deal with cases in which a person has been exposed to dangerous substances in his home, such as mold. Sometimes these lawyers also handle cases in which a consumer has been harmed by a product. For instance, he may handle a case in which a person suffered harm because of a chemical pesticide.

The cases toxic tort lawyers take on typically involve claims or lawsuits filed against a party that is believed responsible for causing the exposure to the toxic substance. For example, a party may sue the manufacturer of the product or drug that harmed him. If an individual is harmed by a toxic substance at work, he may sue his employer. A renter who has suffered harm because of a dangerous type of mold in his residence may sue his landlord for compensation. Even companies that store toxic substances or make safety equipment can be vulnerable to these types of legal cases.


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