What do the Different Mood Ring Colors Mean?

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Mood rings are worn to theoretically display the mood or temperament of the person wearing it. They are made of thermotropic liquid crystals which are, essentially, liquid crystal molecules that react to a change in body temperature. When there's a change in temperature, these molecules move around and reflect and absorb different color wavelengths. While mood ring colors can't predict one's mood, they can provide a very vague indication of the way a person might be feeling.

The connection between body temperature and mood isn't particularly strong, however, so the colors of a ring won't always reflect the wearer's real mood. Additionally, the weather can affect the color displayed on a mood ring irrespective of the wearer's mood. A hot day can heat up the mood ring, for example.

The mood ring colors range the entire color spectrum, but a few colors come up more often than others. The first is black, which is generally the color the ring will be when no one is wearing it. It can also mean that the wearer is exceptionally tense, stressed, or overworked, however. Gray is rarely seen, but it can mean that the person is nervous, anxious, or sad.

Green is considered the most neutral of the colors. It is generally taken to mean that the wearer is in an average, normal state of mind; is relatively at peace and is feeling calm. It is more or less the "ideal" of the colors.


The blues are often taken to mean that the wearer is relaxed, happy, or emotional. Dark blue can sometimes indicate passion or love. These tones can also indicate an extremely peaceful state of mind.

The warmer mood ring colors can indicate a more enthusiastic state of mind. Amber can indicate mixed emotions, whereas yellow symbolizes an imaginative state of mind, or possibly boredom. Oranges and reds signify excitement; an adventurous, restless state; or even impatience and aggressiveness.

A pink color can demonstrate fear and uncertainty, or it can mean that the wearer is mellow and happy. A dark purple color nearly always signifies a sensual feeling, or romantic love. It can also indicate moodiness.

Going through these colors, it's clear that there is a good deal of similarity among their associated meanings. These rings and their meanings should not be taken too seriously, but they are often fun to consider. Mood rings can usually be purchased for a relatively inexpensive price at many toy and discount stores.


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Post 26

@anon87919: No, it doesn't mean love. it means relaxed, emotional or happy. Just FYI.

Post 25

i have a mood ring and it changes to all the colors every day. i just got it yesterday from a friend. it's cool. I am loving these mood rings.

Post 24

it is so cool. i love it blue. now not changing.

Post 23

like i got my mood ring yesterday from a friend and it's on purple all the time during school. she says it means i like somebody. is it true that purple means like?

Post 22

My mood is always flirty or calm or nervous. that's awesome. mood stuff rocks.

Post 20

I have a mood necklace and most of the time it has a blue grey with the center of it in a darker shade, looks like a eye watching me when I look in a mirror, creepy sometimes. Don't know what that means?

Post 18

mine never changes colors. it's always blue.

Post 16

that's cool.

Post 15

mine is always blue. i think it means love.

Post 13

i got my mood ring yesterday and its like always purple. i'm getting tired of it.

Post 12

the mood ring is the best ring to give your boyfriend to see what they are feeling.

Post 11

i lost my mood ring then found it and i went on different websites for the colors then i found one that actually looked fine.

Post 10

this mood ring is cool. i just got it. i didn't know what the colors meant and now i do.

Post 9

Thanks a lot wisegeek!

Post 8

I was very emotional and because my friend moved and the other web sites said that my mood ring was showing love or passion but it was not. now i know what my mood ring shows! :)

Post 6

thanks a lot. i just got my first one and i am eleven!

Post 4

I had a mood ring once. It was nice. It changed colors. it was usually blue. Then i saw this, like, hot girl. And it turned red. And my ring turned purple. :)

Post 3

i never knew what the colours meant.

Post 2


Post 1

that was cool I never knew the color meanings!

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