What do Telecommunications Consultants do?

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Telecommunications consultants work with companies to help them choose the right technology for their needs and budget. Telecommunications equipment includes machines used for voice, video and data transmission. Business owners and managers know they need to choose components that will give them the results they need, while staying within the organization's budget.

People who work as telecommunications consultants must have good listening and verbal communication skills. An important part of their job is finding out what the companies they work with are looking to achieve by using this type of technology. Telecommunications consultants need to be well versed in all the options available so they can make appropriate recommendations.

When telecommunications consultants are hired by companies to work for them on a full-time basis, they may be called telecommunications specialists. These people may be employed by telecommunications companies. A person who is working in this capacity may spend their time on the job creating new telecommunications systems or updating existing technology to improve it.

Some consultants work on a contract basis. People working in this capacity are available to work with small or medium-sized businesses on an as-needed basis. Smaller clients may only need to work with telecommunications consultants when they are interested in updating their existing equipment. A company of this size may not have a full-time person on staff who can recommend solutions to management.


Telecommunications consultants may also find work in large banks and insurance companies. The manufacturing sector is also a source of employment for these professionals. Government departments and agencies may also hire these professionals, since they are working with large networks regularly.

A larger company may work with telecommunications consultants on a long-term basis to handle a major project to connect a number of remote offices together. The consultant may need to coordinate telephone, video conferencing, and computer systems to serve the company's needs now. Since telecommunications is a rapidly-changing field, the consultant also needs to consider how well his or her recommendations will serve the company's needs in the future.

Many telecommunications consultants get their training by completing an undergraduate degree in computer science or electrical engineering. Consultants who want to qualify for management positions usually go on to complete a master's degree in business administration. The combination of a good foundation in technical knowledge and business issues gives them the knowledge they need to direct other telecommunications consultants on the job.


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