What Do Sales Executive Recruiters Do?

Kristie Lorette

Sales executive recruiters are responsible for identifying, evaluating, interviewing and hiring sales professionals. Typically, a sales executive recruiter is a third-party company that the business organization looking for sales professionals hire to help them in the recruiting and hiring process. A sales executive recruiter specializes in matching sales professionals with organizations that need sales employees, so this type of recruiter works in a specialized position rather than hiring for any type of position.

Sales executive recruiters are responsible for conducting preliminary candidate interviews.
Sales executive recruiters are responsible for conducting preliminary candidate interviews.

Ultimately, sales executive recruiters are matchmakers or liaisons between the companies that are hiring sales people and the sales candidates that are looking for jobs. One of the first steps that a sales executive recruiter must do is to find a company, which is the client, that needs to hire one or more sales professionals.

A recruiter may place employment advertisements in various newspapers.
A recruiter may place employment advertisements in various newspapers.

The sales executive recruiter then goes through an extensive questionnaire process to get to know about the company that is hiring. The executive recruiter also needs to obtain a description of what the sales professional's responsibilities will be once they are hired. The executive recruiter should also talk extensively with the supervisor or manager that the sales professional will be reporting directly to, so the recruiter can obtain a more in-depth idea of what the candidate that fills the sales position should possess.

Once the sales executive recruiters obtain all of the information about the hiring company and the position they are looking to fill, it’s time to find candidates that meet the needs of the company and the position. Sales executive recruiters can identify potential candidates in a variety of ways. First, they may have a database of resumes and candidates they can search through to pull out any potential candidates that may fit the role.

Second, the sales executive recruiters can place ads in general population or specialty journals and publications to gain the attention of new candidates. Another option for sales executive recruiters to use is to contact sales professionals they know to see if these sales professionals know anyone with sales experience that fits the role the executive recruiter is trying to fill. Some sales professionals will offer themselves up for an interview or refer the recruiter to someone they know who is looking for a sales position.

Next, sales executive recruiters go through a screening process. They go through all of the possible candidates and do preliminary interviews to narrow down candidates before arranging interviews with the hiring manager at the company looking for sales people.

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