What Do Relocation Specialists Do?

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Relocation specialists assist people in moving to a new area, often helping them find the best location that meets their needs. The job description, however, is not limited to helping someone find the right home to move into. He or she will consider the academic needs of any children, type of neighborhood preferred, and proximity to the types of services used regularly by the mover, and then factor these criteria into a decision to recommend locations for the client. A relocation specialist may also assist with all aspects of the home financing process, find suitable movers, and manage the move from start to finish.

Quite often, relocation specialists are hired by the mover’s employer to assist people relocating for professional reasons. As in most cases, the specialist interviews the person relocating, along with his or her spouse, in order to understand their needs and preferences from both a personal and professional perspective. From there, he or she will put together a portfolio of recommendations outlining available schools, shopping choices, activities in the area, religious considerations, and other important details about the selected communities. When the moving process commences, the relocation specialist will often assist in completing required paperwork and making sure it is in order. Additionally, he or she may help movers to relocate across town, across the nation or even internationally.


Expertise in real estate is of utmost importance for relocation specialists. They will need to have an up-to-date knowledge about the real estate market where the mover is headed, along with a firm grounding in the various communities that make up the larger, regional area. With the knowledge of community preferences and the type of home required by the mover, the relocation specialist uses such information to find a home that falls within the mover’s budget, while meeting his or her community preferences.

Often, a relocation specialist will begin his or her career as a real estate agent, where he or she gains essential knowledge and experience with real estate markets. Relocation specialists will also need additional training and experience working with a variety of software programs to gather data as well as mapping software to help movers choose their most optimal location. Aside from learning and applying expertise in using technology, a relocation specialist will also need to learn how to fill out associated paperwork and apply marketing expertise to advertise on behalf of clients.


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