What Do Real Estate Recruiters Do?

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A real estate recruiter is most often employed by a company to seek out qualified applicants for a range of positions within that company. Like other kinds of recruiters, the main task for most real estate recruiters is to find talented candidates for employment, and to attract these candidates to work for an employer. These professionals are colloquially called “headhunters,” but in more formal terms, they are more frequently referred to as recruiters.

In the course of their jobs, real estate recruiters will often hire for different types of job positions. They may seek out individuals who are qualified real estate agents or specialists, along with mortgage professionals, experienced title handlers, or other real estate professionals. The recruiter will typically match the individual’s main body of experience with a compatible job role within the company.


One of the main duties for many real estate recruiters is the placing of ads and running outreach initiatives that will effectively generate a lot of interest in open job positions. Employers often want these professionals to allow them to hire talented people quickly, in order to maximize inflowing staff for sudden expansion or specific project needs. After the real estate recruiter has established communication with a certain number of job applicants, he or she is often charged with reviewing their backgrounds and identifying whether they have the talent, training, and job skills to effectively become part of a corporate team, before referring them to the respective hiring manager for an interview.

Another job duty for some real estate recruiters is negotiation with these applicants over salary and benefits. In some cases, the recruiter is not authorized to pursue extensive negotiations, where salary and benefits are already set by the employer. In other cases, the company gives the recruiter the ability to adjust certain aspects of salary and additional benefits in order to attract the right people to the available jobs.

In terms of the regular tasks that a real estate recruiter might take on as part of a staffing initiative, this professional might conduct routine background checks or other documentation on an applicant’s background. The recruiter may work with outside parties to establish channels of communication with applicants. This person would generally need to be available to handle all work related questions for those who have not yet been employed or contracted with a company.

The use of recruitment in real estate is important partly because of the very specialized nature of most real estate jobs. Agents and other real estate workers need to have specific experience, qualifications, and credentials. Recruiters help real estate companies by establishing whether a particular individual has all of the right background and qualifications for a particular job, where this kind of initial fact-finding might take a considerable amount of time and effort.


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