What do Palm Readers Look for?

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Palm readers look at many parts of the hand in order to conduct a reading. Most notably, the lines in the hand are used by palm readers to determine things such as how long a person will live and love, as well as how the person views life. To determine this information, palm readers look at the length of the lines as well as how they are formed.

The first line palm readers look at is the life line. This line is right above the thumb and extends down toward the wrist. In some people, this line goes all the way down to the wrist. It may be clear, or it may be wavy. In others, the line only goes part of the way down the palm. A long, deep life line indicates the person will live a long and healthy life.

The next line palm readers look at is the head line, which runs horizontally across the palm. This line tells palm readers about a person's life philosophies, belief system, and general attitude about life. It is also representative of one's intelligence. If this line is long and straight, it indicates a logical thinker. If it is not attached to the life line, the person tends to be adventurous and enthusiastic about life. Palm readers find this line right above the life line.


The third line palm readers study is the heart line. This line helps palm readers determine details about emotions and about events in a person's life that have to do with love, such as whether or not one has the ability to give or receive love. The deeper and stronger this line, the stronger a person's devotion to others. Palm readers find this line beneath either the middle finger or the index finger, and it runs across the palm to the little finger.

Palm readers also look at the overall shape of the hand, which may be pointed, square, spade-shaped, conical, or mixed. These shapes mostly involve the shapes of the tips of the fingers, which may be somewhat flat, pointy, rounded, bumped, or a combination of the four.


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Post 2

Palmistry, crystal balls, Tarot cards -- they're all designed to separate people from their money.

What if I have a really long lifeline on one palm and a short one on the other? Also, people's palms change as they age. Does this mean their destinies have changed because the life line is less prominent? Hogwash. Palm readers get money from people by telling them what they want to hear.

Post 1

I think this is just so much hoodoo. In my humble opinion, palm readers are good at cold readings, which any junior magician learns to do early on. I don't think there's anything to palmistry.

I can't say all palm readers are frauds. Some of them may be perfectly sincere. But I know people who have gone to different readers and got diametrically opposed readings. Same hand, totally different readings.

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