What Do Mobile Application Developers Do?

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Mobile application developers write computer programs for smartphones and other mobile devices. These programmers have specialized training in design for small electronic equipment. This type of application development requires a person who is experienced in multi-media applications and multiple mobile computer programming languages. These developers also understand how to use and play music, videos, and photos on a mobile device.

Most mobile devices come with instant messaging software. A mobile developer builds applications for this function. Some examples include voice, texting, emails, and social networking.

The education requirements for mobile application developers are the same as any software programmer. He should have a degree in computer science or information systems, with experience in computer programming and design. The programmer should be proficient in screen development, mobile device operating systems, and computer networks.

One of the key elements in all mobile applications is network integration. A mobile application developer understands both cellular and wifi networks. He is familiar with network standards and protocols and understands how to build software applications that can use these technologies.

Most mobile devices use touch screens and small keypads. Mobile application developers understand the nuances and standards of touch-screen development. This requires detailed screen navigation controls, which is significantly different from standard Internet applications.


Application developers have experience with multiple programming languages. Mobile application developers typically write programs using either objective C, C++, Python, or Java®. Each mobile device uses a specific programming language, which the developer must understand.

Mobile applications have become an extremely popular commodity. This has caused the demand for qualified mobile application developers to increase. Becoming a mobile developer requires a person with computer skills who is willing to learn new technologies and hardware devices. He should be comfortable with uncertainty because this industry is evolving quickly.

Most modern mobile devices include cameras and video recorders that allow the user to take digital images. An application developer understands how to use the camera and video features of multiple mobile devices. He can use these built-in tools to make software that is seamlessly integrated with the device.


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