What do Luxury Travel Agents do?

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Luxury travel agents serve customers who are interested in luxury tourism. Like most other travel agents, they typically research and book transportation, locate and reserve hotel rooms or other accommodations, and schedule activities at the customer’s destination. They also usually provide other administrative services; some examples include offering travel insurance and helping clients meet passport and visa requirements. They generally differ from other travel agents by seeking extraordinary travel destinations and providing personal services that the average traveler may not be able to afford. Luxury travel agents often advertise in specific publications or online, marketing their services to certain affluent demographic groups.

Some examples of luxury tourism can include exotic vacations, honeymoons or destination weddings, and sophisticated corporate travel. Some luxury travel agents may specialize in particular destinations or activities. They frequently search for the best accommodations and services in a particular area, often discovering hidden or exclusive amenities for their clients. They might also specialize in locating opportunities that satisfy particular interests, such as cruises or family travel.


Luxury travel agents are usually required, as most travel agents are, to have in-depth knowledge of the destinations and the available activities. Some people might want luxury experiences at affordable prices. The affluent traveler, on the other hand, may be more interested in having his or her needs met when money is no object. He or she usually wants the best available luxury accommodations and other amenities. In general, many people, regardless of their income, seek travel deals and look for ways to save money on tourism. As a result, some luxury travel agents focus on finding luxury accommodations at lower prices.

The services provided by luxury travel agents typically include more personal attention and assistance. This could mean arranging private tours and securing better hotel amenities. Some people can afford to pay nearly any price for luxury travel, while others seek the best experience that they can get for a reasonable price. Luxury travel agents often cater to both of these types of travelers.

Some examples of extra services provided by luxury travel agents could include chartering private jets and hiring personal chauffeurs. They might also honor a client’s special needs, such as traveling with pets. Travel itineraries are generally more personalized and may include unique opportunities not offered to the typical tourist. The agents have often traveled to the destinations that they recommend and can offer first-hand knowledge of an area and its services.


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Post 3

@KoiwiGal - I'd be rather suspicious of a luxury travel agency though. I don't have money to throw away, and while I'm willing to pay more for a unique experience I'd have to know I was actually paying for the experience and not just for the status.

I really don't like the idea of charging people more just so that they think something is worth more than it is.

Post 2

@Mor - I don't think you are far wrong about the twenty people though. I mean, most people who have that kind of money to spend aren't going to be traveling by themselves. I have to believe that an expensive room like that includes beds for staff like bodyguards and so forth.

I don't think there's anything wrong with spending a little bit on luxury travel packages though. If you are going to go somewhere to relax you might as well go all out and get the best. Otherwise you might as well stay home.

Post 1

I did a cheap cruise in the Caribbean once and one of the things I remember about it was taking a tour along a beach front and having all the expensive resorts pointed out. One of them, the tour guide told us, had a room that was over $10,000 a night.

I just can't even imagine having that kind of money to spend. Especially on something that I can't imagine was worth it. I mean, no matter how wonder the room might be, it's still just a place to sleep while you visit a country.

I could maybe understand it if you could fit twenty people in there, but even then it seems kind of ridiculous. I guess it's the kind of thing that a luxury travel agent would have to sell.

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