What do I Need in Order to Start Cake Decorating?

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Cake decorating is not only for professionals anymore. Besides being an interesting hobby for anybody, cake decorating can also become a lucrative home business if done right. But even if you want to try it only for yourself, here are some tips on how to get started and what you need to obtain in the way of becoming a pro at cake decorating.

If you have never tried cake decorating before, start small. Icing or glazes are a great option for beginners, and can be done with just a few ingredients. Another great option for those just starting is to use a simple icing and then add decorations, from small plastic elements to edible constructions, on top. In any case, cake decorating requires some research. Not all icings hold well in all types of weather, and some need to be especially avoided in summer. Do your homework before getting started, so you can avoid common beginner mistakes.

Even for the basics of cake decorating, you will need some utensils. Start with a couple of spatulas of different blade sizes, a series of pastry bags and a variety of metal tips on different sizes and designs. More advanced bakers can find a myriad of utensils to improve their designs, but for the beginner, the choices may become overwhelming. Those just starting would be better off sticking to just some essentials and mastering the basics before moving on to more complicated designs.


For those who wish to bake their own cakes, having different molds can also help. Bake a cake with a specific shape rather than the typical square or round cake, and then use your own design to make it look like something completely different. You can also choose finishing touches, such as shaved chocolate or coconut flakes, to hide any blunders made when applying icing or frosting. You can also use stencils and simple add-ons such as cocoa powder or confectioners' sugar to create a simple design or sentence on top of the cake. As you get better, the extras can help you enhance the cake rather than becoming a distraction.


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Post 2

@Icecream17 - You could do that. I wanted to tell you that having a cake decorating store can be lucrative. I remember buying a fancy birthday cake from a cake designer in Miami that cost me almost $200, but it was amazing.

It became a conversation piece at the party and the rum filling was delicious. I would love to learn how to do cake decorating designs myself but my fear is that I will end up eating the cake and gain a lot of weight. I have a major sweet tooth so this would not be a good idea.

Post 1

I think that taking a cake decorating class would be so fun. I see those cake design programs and I am just in awe of what those cake decorators can do.

It really seems like sculpting because they are real artists. A lot of these cake decorators use colored fondant that looks so beautiful that you almost don’t want anyone to eat the cake.

I think that I might start with a birthday cake decorating class and move on from there. I know that some cake designers offer classes at their bakery so I might look into that.

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