What do Department of Administration Personnel do?

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Department of administration personnel are divided into five primary areas of responsibility: finance, human resources, purchasing, resident services and governance. In the United States, for example, each state has a department of administration that is responsible for providing services and support to other agencies managed by the state. Each of these areas is essential to the smooth operation of any government, and in most states, these services are centrally managed by department of administration personnel.

Different regional governments generally have slightly different organizational structures designed to meet the unique needs of the residents of that region. The department of administration chief is ultimately responsible for reviewing all aspects of public administration and providing advice to the government head and other elected officials about the viable options for resolving complex problems.

Department of administration personnel working in the finance division are responsible for creating and managing the budget, allocation of taxation and other revenue streams to various agencies and management of the accounting information system. Budget management and forecasting is the most important of these tasks, because it drives all decision making.


Human resources includes recruitment, hiring practices, policy development, employee management and payroll. The vast majority of agencies use the centralized services provided by department of administration personnel. All jobs are posted through the central agency, and candidate selection and interviews are completed in compliance with state policy. This centralized service is more efficient and reduces the risk of inconsistent policy application across government agencies.

Purchasing activity by the government in a particular area has a huge impact on the local economy. Determining how large contracts are awarded is an essential part of the services provided by department of administration personnel. Policies that encourage a fair and transparent process encourage the growth of local businesses and help citizens develop the skills necessary to find well-paying jobs. Additional efficiencies can be found through centralized strategic sourcing contracts and the use of electronic procurement software.

Resident services includes all government-operated functions, from police stations to parks. Through the work of department of administration personnel, these services are managed to meet a specific standard across the region or area. This consistency is very important, as all residents contribute to these services through the taxes they pay.

Department of administration personnel include political positions, such as governors, counselors and other elected officials. It is the responsibility of the elected officials to set the strategic direction and long-term goals for the government. These goals often are based on the mandate received from the citizens during the election.


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