What Do Business Planning Consultants Do?

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Business planning consultants provide a valuable service to those who wish to embark on a business venture. They also work with those who have already started a business and wish to structure the business in a manner that will ensure success. One of the functions provided by business planning consultants is the writing of professional business plans on behalf of their clients. When they are hired by those in business, they will help such people organize their ideas by constructing a viable business plan. This business plan will be based on the information provided by the clients as well as on the research and knowledge of the business planning consultants.

Business planning consultants have the responsibility of conducting extensive research, supported by their previous knowledge and experience, about the necessities needed to embark on a business venture. They compile industry reports relating to the business, conduct feasibility studies, and also conduct studies related to the potential customers who will patronize the business. The business planning consultants also analyze consumer trends and compile reports on legislation and regulations that might affect the business.


Another area where the business planning consultants assist their clients is the area of potential and existing competition. If a client is planning to open a coffee shop on street A, the consultants will find out if there are other coffee shops on street A or within the vicinity of street A. They will also find out the number of coffee shops on street A and what kind of service they provide. Then, the consultants will make recommendations to their clients based on the result of their findings. If there is already a coffee shop on street A, the business consultants could recommend that their clients include free Wi-Fi among their services as a means of attracting more customers.

Still using the example of the potential coffee shop, the business planning consultants will also find out the best location for siting a coffee shop. They know that coffee shops thrive in areas with a certain demographic that includes students and workers, often in close proximity to bookshops. Business planning consultants also assist their clients in calculating start-up costs, means of financing the project, and how profitable the business will be. They may assist their clients in sourcing for funds by preparing various financial documents that will present the clients in the best light to potential funders or lenders. Consultants may also help their clients devise business strategies that will help them stay ahead of the competition.


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