What Do Blog Designers Do?

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Blog designers build and modify themes and templates for blog engines and blogging platforms. Most blogging platforms are released under a General Public License (GPL) and are open to design and development from third parties. A blog designer should be well-versed in basic design coding like HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Depending on the platform, he or she may also need to be familiar with programming languages like PHP and ASP. Generally speaking, blog designers do not work on the development side by building blogging engines or platforms; instead, they focus on the aesthetics of a blog using themes and templates.

Specialized blog designers may be referred to simply as Web designers, sinc blog design is one element of Web design. Blog designers may work in other elements of the Web design field as well. For example, a designer may also build basic HTML websites and design themes and templates for content management systems.

A career in Web or blog design generally requires enough comprehensive education in the field to master the aspects of design. Such formal education may be required for a Web or blog designer attempting to work for a major company or design firm. Other blog designers are self-taught. With a number of resources on the Internet and published in books for Web design, it is possible to learn the basics in as little as a few months, although it generally takes a few years to become highly skilled.


Many blog designers work independently as freelancers. Such designers often have an online portfolio showcasing their best work, and will market themselves like any professional on social-networking sites, groups and message boards in an effort to spread the word about their work. Freelance blog designers may find clients locally, or through freelance sourcing sites that allow those in need of design help to find qualified professionals.

Some freelance designers provide free themes or templates through official blog engine repositories in an effort to promote their skills. Such themes or templates may also include a link back to their portfolio, where the designer may sell higher quality or premium themes or templates. Once well established, a talented blog designer can make a lucrative income selling custom templates and themes or selling the same templates and themes to multiple customers.


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