What Do Accident Specialists Do?

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Accident specialists represent people involved in accidents to negotiate appropriate legal settlements. They work with insurance companies to settle claims, and if necessary, they can pursue damages in court. Lawsuits may involve not just insurance companies, but also those legally liable for the accident, such as the other driver in a car wreck. This is a type of personal injury law, a legal specialty which focuses on civil injury cases.

When people are involved in accidents, they may file claims with their insurance companies to cover the damages. These can include medical expenses as well as damage to the vehicle. Insurance companies can conduct an investigation to determine who was at fault, and use this information to decide whether to pay claims. In the event a problem arises with this process, or if victims want assistance, they can work with accident specialists.

In cases where accident specialists are brought into the case early, they may provide advice to help their clients file claims effectively and appropriately. Those at fault can also retain attorneys to provide legal advice. The attorney can protect them from liability in some cases and may offer advice like not verbally accepting responsibility for the accident, and being careful about communications with the victim or the insurance company. Statements made during an investigation can be used in court, and something like an apology for an accident could be potentially damaging.


Those involved in an accident can choose to use their attorneys as their primary points of contact, rather than interacting with each other and their insurance companies directly. Accident specialists are familiar with the legal precedents in such cases, and may be able to negotiate a satisfactory settlement from the insurance company. If not, or if the victim wishes to file suit against the person at fault, the attorney can review the case, make recommendations about proceeding, and handle it in court if the victim decides to move forward.

Extensive investigations may be performed to support the case in court, requiring accident specialists to work with private investigators and other support staff. This information helps the attorney build a strong case that will hold up to scrutiny, and may help support an argument for high damages. Sometimes parties may be willing to settle out of court when it becomes evident that a suit may move forward, and accident specialists can advise their clients about settling or refusing an offer and proceeding to trial.


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