What Dishwasher Spare Parts Should I Keep on Hand?

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If you enjoy repairing your own appliances, there are a number of different dishwasher spare parts that you may want to keep on hand. Some parts are easier to replace than others, so you have to use your own best judgment as to when you should call a professional. Common dishwasher spare parts include pumps and hoses to fill and drain the unit. Many dishwashers also include some type of heating element that is controlled by a thermostat, so if your unit includes preheating functionality, these are also spare parts you may want handy. You can also keep extra rollers, glides, handles, grates, and other assorted dishwasher spare parts on hand if you want to be especially well prepared.

Many dishwasher issues relate to problems with draining, which can be traced back to components such as hoses and pumps. Since these issues can potentially damage your floor and other appliances, you may want to have the necessary dishwasher spare parts ready to fix the problem. The dishwasher drain hose is how all the water gets out of the machine and into your plumbing, so if it wears out or rots away the pump can quickly cover your kitchen floor in water. A bad pump can also prevent water from draining out of the dishwasher, which may cause it to overflow or leak when you open it up.


It can also be a good idea to keep parts such as grates and seals around, since failure of these components may result in leakage or overflow as well. A grate sometimes gets plugged up and can be cleaned, though a worn out or broken unit could make the drain hose or even your plumbing stopped up. Seals are usually used to keep the dishwasher water tight when in use, so a failure there can lead to a wet floor, damaged cabinetry, or other undesired consequences.

If your unit has a preheating function, you may want to keep a couple different dishwasher spare parts around. Dishwashers with this functionality usually have a burner or heating element that warms up water as it enters the machine, along with a thermostat to regulate the temperature. If these components go bad the dishwasher may still work, though your dishes might not get as clean.

Rollers and glides sometimes wear out, get stuck, or break off, so you may also want to have some of these dishwasher spare parts around. A stuck tub or rack can make it difficult to load the dishwasher or may prevent you from filling it up entirely. The dishwasher can sometimes still be used in these circumstances, though it may be inconvenient or wasteful if the unit cannot be filled to capacity for each load.


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