What Did Anne Frank Name Her Diary?

Anne Frank was a notable German-born Jewish victim of the Holocaust. Her diary, detailing her experiences while in hiding in the Netherlands from the Nazi regime, was published in 1947, two years after her death in a concentration camp. She received the diary as a gift for her thirteenth birthday in 1942, just weeks before her family went into hiding in a secret apartment. Frank named her diary “Kitty."

As an aspiring writer, Anne Frank passed the time writing her personal thoughts in the form of letters to the fictional “Kitty.” Her entries were collected in five notebooks and 300 loose pieces of paper, before her family was arrested and sent to concentration camps in 1944.

More about Anne Frank’s diary:

  • Anne Frank’s diary has been published in 67 languages under a variety of titles. The original title was Rear Annex when it was published in the Netherlands in 1947.

  • The U.S. version of her diary is entitled The Diary of a Young Girl. It was originally rejected for being “boring” and “depressing” before it was eventually published in 1952.

  • Over 30 million copies of Anne Frank’s published diary have been sold. The original version is on display at the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam.

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@Mike6569, no, she wrote them herself, and it was her private diary. She wrote short stories too. Her father later read through her diary writings and was surprised by them and engrossed by it.

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No mention that her father wrote most of it? Her father wrote in "ball" pen which wasn't available for Anne to use.

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