What Countries Have the Highest Population?

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Human population continues to grow in most parts of the world, and the table below should help to illustrate how the population is divided amongst the various countries. It is interesting to note that the two most populous countries (China and India) are home to about one third of the world's total population. Here are the 25 most populous countries.

country population
China 1,284,300,000 Population of China
India 1,045,800,000 Population of India
United States 280,600,000 Population of United States
Indonesia 231,300,000 Population of Indonesia
Brazil 176,000,000 Population of Brazil
Pakistan 147,700,000 Population of Pakistan
Russia 145,000,000 Population of Russia
Bangladesh 133,400,000 Population of Bangladesh
Nigeria 130,000,000 Population of Nigeria
Japan 127,000,000 Population of Japan
Mexico 103,400,000 Population of Mexico
Philippines 84,500,000 Population of Philippines
Germany 83,300,000 Population of Germany
Vietnam 81,100,000 Population of Vietnam
Egypt 70,700,000 Population of Egypt
Ethiopia 67,700,000 Population of Ethiopia
Turkey 67,300,000 Population of Turkey
Iran 66,600,000 Population of Iran
Thailand 62,400,000 Population of Thailand
United Kingdom 59,800,000 Population of United Kingdom
France 59,800,000 Population of France
Italy 57,700,000 Population of Italy
Congo 55,200,000 Population of Congo
Ukraine 48,400,000 Population of Ukraine
South Korea 48,300,000 Population of South Korea

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Post 6

Bhutan- I'll take that question. Shanghai is the largest City in China. It has a population of 17,780,000.

Beijing, the second largest city in China, has a population of 15,038,000. Both China and India are among the top ten countries with the highest population in the world.

Post 5

Sunny27- What about China? Doesn’t China have any of the top 10 cities in the world with respect to population?

Post 4

SurfNturf- I can answer that for you. The city with the highest density population in the world is Mexico City.

Mexico City has a current population of 18,204,900. Karachi, Pakistan has the second highest population in the world. Its current population is 18 million.

The highest population density in India is in Mumbai, which has a population of 13,072,000. It is the largest city in India and among the top 10 cities with the largest population in the world.

Post 3

Latte31- I agree with you. Our presence in Iraqi is to help stabilize the region. Remember our country took over two hundred years to get to where we are now; this new found form of government will take a lot of time to fully integrate.

What I want to know is what city has the highest population in the world?

Post 2

Dandydigger- I understand your point of view and I am sure many agree with you. You may not agree with the war in Iraq, but the United States has made many positive changes in the country. There are now free elections in which the Iraqis get to vote for their leader.

Saddam Hussein was a ruthless dictator that Iraqi’s feared. He gassed his own people and there were numerous accounts of women being raped by his son’s.

The United States went into Iraq because it received intelligence, as the rest of the world did too, that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

The demographics of Iraq include 3% of the population age is 65 or older. This is due to the fact that the average life expectancy is only 59.

While this is improving, raising the standard of living for Iraqi's is an important goal because 42% of the population is 15 or younger.

Post 1

Strange as it may seem, the latest loss of life in the college mass killings is eerily the same that happens daily in Iraq and we think nothing about it. Do we think of the grief, anger and sadness that thousands of Iraqi families face daily? Yet we are not willing to do anything about it except to "stay the course!" What is the course and why must we stay it?

Do we not have access to energy other than that belonging to another nation and its people? Think about what price we are forcing others to pay for our greed and selfishness. I am ashamed to be an unwilling part of such a charades.

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