What Color Was Elvis Presley's Natural Hair Color?

Elvis Presley's natural hair color was a sandy shade of brown, sometimes described as "mousy." He was famous, however, for his black hair that was styled into a pompadour, with sideburns and a slick or wet look to it. He had personal stylists, including a man named Larry Geller who was responsible for maintaining Elvis's hair. Geller made his own shampoos and styling products with various vitamins and nutrients to ensure the longevity of Elvis's hair. While prescription drug abuse and overeating took a toll on Elvis's health, his hair remained largely intact and looked good up until his death.

More interesting facts about Elvis's hair:

  • Elvis was born with blonde hair, but it turned to light-brown as he grew older.

  • At the end of his life, Elvis's hair had turned white, but he continued dying it to maintain his well-known, public appearance.

  • According to Larry Geller, he forgot to bring hair dye when he prepared Elvis's hair for the singer's funeral and had to use mascara to "dye" the roots.

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