What Causes Tiny Blisters?

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Tiny blisters are often the result of pinched tissues in the underlying layer of skin, resulting in tiny red bumps appearing above the skin in the affected location. There are many other causes of tiny blisters, such as inflammation occurring within the body and an allergic response to certain medications, foods or substances in the environment. A repeated force against the skin can also cause tiny blisters in certain areas, such as the fingers if using a pen or pencil in an incorrect way. If these tiny blisters do not clear up on their own within a short period of time, it is wise to seek medical advice.

Blisters that occur underneath as well as over the skin, might be due to the pinching of underlying tissues of the skin, which can produce these tiny raised bumps. Seeking medical advice is wise if tiny blisters cover a large area of the skin, to make sure the underlying tissues can heal properly. It isn't uncommon for the skin to produce blisters when the body is immobile in the same position for a long period of time. This can be from sitting in a chair for many hours or from being on bed rest for a period of days or weeks.


Itchy blisters can occur on different places on the skin due to an allergic reaction to a certain food, drug or substance that an individual can come in contact with in the environment. Sometimes tiny blisters may be produced due to inflammation within the body, which is caused by numerous factors. Medication and diet can both cause a certain degree of inflammation within the body, depending on the individual and his or her specific state of health. Inflammation may be the first sign that the skin is attempting to heal itself, and blisters may clear up on their own.

Repeated aggravation to certain areas of the body may produce blisters and a slight level of inflammation within the underlying tissues. Using a pencil or a pen incorrectly, or for long periods of time, can result in writing blisters on the sides of the fingers and hands. Unexplained tiny red blisters that are not connected to any known event should be examined by a physician. Blisters that occur on their own may be the result of some type of infection or viral disorder in some individuals.


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Post 3

A friend of mine has dyshidrosis which is a type of eczema that causes tiny blisters. She seems to get it only when she's stressed. It doesn't happen all the time but it is bothersome when it occurs. She told me that this is a fairly rare type of eczema and doctors are not entirely sure what causes it.

The only time I've had blisters similar to these was when I was removing weeds from the garden and had an allergic reaction to one of the weeds. It didn't last long though, I used a hydrocortisone cream as per my doctor's recommendation and the blisters went away.

Post 2

@donasmrs-- It's possible, it happened to me once from mosquito bites. But mine took a few days to turn into blisters. First they were just bites, but then they got infected and turned into blisters. I used antibiotic cream on it and that helped the blisters heal faster.

I think spider bites can also cause blisters. I recommend using a topical antibiotic cream on them. If it gets infected, you should see your doctor. Some insect bites cause issues not in and of themselves but because the bites get infected.

Post 1

Can insect bites cause tiny blisters?

I woke up this morning and found several tiny blisters on my arm. They weren't there last night. I'm not sure what could have caused it. I'm suspecting an insect but can insect bites cause blisters like these?

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