What Causes Swollen Lymph Nodes in the Groin?

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Swollen lymph nodes in the groin and in the other parts of the body usually indicate an infection or the presence of a sexually transmitted disease. Sometimes lymph nodes in the groin area swell because of injuries near that area. Cancer is a less common cause, but it should not be ruled out as a possibility if tests for other types of problems come back negative. If cancer is present, it may be related to the reproductive system in some way if the swollen lymph node is in the groin area. It is important to see a medical professional when groin lymph nodes swell up so that the exact cause of the problem can be determined.

An infection is the most likely cause of swollen lymph nodes in the groin. When lymph nodes swell due to infection, it is usually related to the area of the body where the lymph node is located. In the case of the groin area, the infection might be linked to the genitals, the feet, or the legs. Sexually transmitted diseases are types of infections that can cause groin lymph node swelling, but other infections that are not sexually transmitted might also cause this to occur. Only a medical professional can determine for sure what type of infection, if any, is present.


People are occasionally surprised to find that their groin lymph nodes swell up after they have sustained injuries near the area. Injuries to the genitals are more likely to cause swollen lymph nodes in this area, but sometimes leg and foot injuries will also cause lymph node swelling. This type of swelling will usually shrink back down to normal size as soon as the injury starts to heal. A visit to a healthcare provider is probably a good idea if lymph nodes in the groin have swollen because of an injury just to make sure that is the cause of the swelling and also to see if any medical treatment may be needed for the injury.

Even though swollen lymph nodes in the groin are usually related to more common problems like infections or injuries, they are occasionally present because of cancer. Men who have swollen groin lymph nodes could have testicular cancer, and women who notice swelling in the area might have some type of cancer inside any part of their reproductive systems. People who find swollen nodes in the groin should not immediately panic and think that cancer is the cause because chances are better the nodes have swollen due to something minor. A medical visit should be able to clear the mind of a person who is concerned about the cause of any swollen lymph nodes.


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