What Causes Morning Dizziness?

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Morning dizziness can be caused by a number of different things, even something as simple as getting up and out of bed too quickly before fully waking up. Pregnancy frequently causes dizziness and nausea, known as morning sickness; this can sometimes be alleviated by sitting up slowly and nibbling on some plain crackers to balance the blood sugar before getting out of bed. A drop in blood pressure can also cause vertigo in the morning, as can certain medications, inner ear issues, or even recovering from overindulgence in alcohol the night before.

Feeling dizzy in the morning is relatively common, but it should not occur frequently without a clearly discernible reason. If it does, it is important for the sufferer to visit a medical professional to determine the cause of the problem. It is usually marked by a feeling of lightheadedness or that the room is spinning, and some people will also feel unsteady or unbalanced, but it should only last a few moments. If fainting occurs, it is important to visit a healthcare provider as well to rule out anything more serious.


Pregnancy is one of the most common causes of morning dizziness in women. Otherwise, simply leaping out of bed too quickly without giving the body time to adjust, by slowly sitting up and sitting on the edge of the bed, can also cause that unsteady feeling. This is largely due to changes in blood pressure as well as just the quick changes of the position of the body, and is typically not a cause for concern if blood pressure is within a healthy, normal range. Getting up more slowly will usually alleviate this problem.

Other causes of dizziness may be more easily explained; inner ear disorders or ear infections can often cause vertigo, as can head injuries. Some antibiotics or other medications, such as antidepressants, can also cause dizziness at various times throughout the day, though it is especially common in the morning. An illness such as the cold or flu can cause one to feel weak and dizzy upon waking, though this may also persist throughout the day. In addition, drinking alcohol to excess the previous night can often cause feelings of dizziness or nausea the next morning as the body processes the alcohol; typically, getting something to eat and drinking some water will help these feelings to go away more quickly.


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Post 8

This morning as I was lying awake in bed, I saw the ceiling spinning. When I moved, it got worse. After a while, I sat up in my bed and took my blood pressure reading. It was 128/80 and my pulse was 91. So that does not look like low blood pressure to me, but my pulse should be closer to 70 or 80. It seems I have a blood supply issue.

I also took my blood glucose reading because I am diabetic. It was 101mg/dl on fasting. The blood sugars should have been 60 or 70, or below 85.

Yesterday, I had my brain work very hard writing a proposal. Today it has difficulty getting blood from the heart, so it seems. What should I do? How do I know when to stop and not work so hard, or eat more food while working on the proposal so I do not starve my brain to death.

Post 7

@Perdido – I wonder if the dizziness causes you to vomit or if the virus itself is what brings this on. I've had sicknesses that made me feel dizzy before, but they've never made me vomit.

I actually feel really dizzy during my period, especially when I get up. I think all the blood loss makes me lightheaded.

I'm actually afraid to drive while I'm having a bad day on my period. I'm afraid that since my balance is affected, I might lose my sense of direction and swerve.

Post 6

I have the flu right now, and it seems that my morning dizziness causes me to vomit. I've had it for two days, and when I first get out of bed, I get so nauseated from the spinning that I have to throw up.

This is the first time that I've had both dizziness and vomiting. I usually just get dizzy from a cold or other illness and don't actually vomit.

I recall having strep throat with a fever over 100 degrees and waking up dizzy. I felt like the fever made me a tad delirious, and the dizziness was a part of that.

Post 5

Low blood pressure is one of the causes of dizziness and lightheadedness, but I didn't know this when it started happening to me. I had been on medication to lower my blood pressure, but because I was also losing weight, the combination dropped it too low.

I felt so dizzy in the mornings, and my head felt like it might just float away. I felt tired throughout the day and very weak. My doctor lowered my dosage, and everything returned to normal.

Post 4

I had a lot of dizzy spells in the morning after I started taking a new antihistamine at night. It made me extremely drowsy, to the point where I could not stay up longer than thirty minutes after taking it.

This was great for helping me get to sleep, but when I got up in the morning, it was so hard to stand up straight and walk to the bathroom. I kept having to put a hand on the wall for balance.

After a few weeks of taking the medicine, my body adjusted to it. I don't get very dizzy in the morning anymore, but I still sleep soundly.

Post 3

I'm a 16 year old female. I experience dizziness in the morning for a few moments, and also loss of balance. This has happened around twice or three times a month for the past few years. I haven't told my parents yet until I'm positive its a cause of concern. Is it?

Post 2

@Markus - It's not very likely that there's any trace of alcohol left in your system after seven days. It's understandable for you to feel some sudden dizziness for a day or so after a heavy night of drinking but that usually goes away.

It sounds to me like you may have hit your head when you fell on your way home from the party. After-all, you did mention that your neck was stiff for a few days.

I really think you need to seek medical attention over these vertigo symptoms. I'm not trying to scare you or anything but it's just not normal for a person to feel dizzy all the time.

Post 1

I'm posting to this article because I need some advise but before you tell me to see a doctor please keep in mind that up until this time I've always been very healthy.

Actually I still am except for this slight neck pain and persistent dizziness. You see about a week ago I attended a party with some buddies of mine.

I drank two beers when we got there and then I remember drinking a rum mix and then a vodka mix and after that one shot of Everclear.

I know I was drunk when I left there but I was conscience enough to at least walk (or stumble) home from the party. I must've fallen on

the way home because my elbows were scraped up, my hip was bruised and my neck was very stiff for a few days.

I had dizzy spells and vomiting a lot the next morning but after a couple of days I felt fine again except for the slight dizziness remains.

I'm really worried about it because it's been over a week now and I'm still feeling a little weird and off balance.

Do you think it's from the alcohol? I'm only twenty two years old and I don't drink that much but I wonder if maybe I just over-did it that night or something.

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