What Causes Leg Tremors?

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There are many things that may cause leg tremors. For example, a person may develop them in relation to a central nervous system disease or even because his thyroid gland isn't functioning properly. In some cases, medication may cause leg tremors, and even drinking to excess may stimulate them. Sometimes a person develops tremors because of an inherited condition. Unfortunately, there are even some cases in which doctors are unable to determine why the patient is experiencing tremors.

When a person has leg tremors, his legs tremble or shake uncontrollably. This may affect one or both legs. Tremors can affect various parts of the body at one time or the legs alone. They typically affect people who have reached middle age and senior citizens more often than others. No one is immune to their development, however; they can affect both sexes and people of all ages.

Among the common causes of leg tremors are diseases that affect the central nervous system, such as Parkinson's disease. In some cases, a person may cause damage to his nerves that leads trembling. For example, a heavy drinker may suffer nerve damage that causes him to experience tremors. Interestingly, however, some people notice their tremors are less obvious while they are drinking.


Some types of medications, such as drugs used to treat mental health issues, also have the potential to cause tremors. In other cases, a seemingly unrelated medical condition may be at fault when tremors develop. For example, if the thyroid gland, which is a gland critical for the production of growth and metabolic hormones, is overactive, it may cause leg tremors as well. Sometimes a person may even develop them because of an inherited condition. There are, however, cases in which doctors are unable to determine a definite cause.

There are also some things that may not cause tremors in person's legs but may make existing tremors worse. For example, a person may be more prone to tremors while fatigued or dealing with stress. The over-consumption of caffeine and withdrawal from alcohol may also stimulate tremors or make them more noticeable.

Treatment for tremors may depend on what caused them. In some cases, patients can help themselves by avoiding things that trigger their tremors. In other cases, however, medications such as beta blockers, which work to block certain stimulatory impulses, may be used in an attempt to control them. Therapy sometimes proves helpful as well. Additionally, deep brain stimulation or surgery may be used to treat severe tremors.


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Post 6

I have had increasing left leg tremors while sitting and lying down, not just in stressful situations. Even relaxing the leg will start shaking and cause other parts of the body to shake as well.

Post 5

You can get leg muscle tremors after a major workout or after you do something you aren't used to for long periods of time. After I planted twenty tulip bulbs, I had leg tremors all night and the next day.

I had to dig with a shovel, squat, and get back up over and over again. I hadn't done this type of work in ages, so my body wasn't used to it at all.

It would have been strenuous even for someone in good physical shape. My legs shook so much that I could barely walk to the kitchen. My leg muscles were in total fatigue, and they refused to carry me until I let them rest.

Sometimes, we don't listen to our bodies until they refuse to obey our commands anymore. Mine demanded that I rest, so that was what I had to do.

Post 4

I get leg and hand tremors when I'm really nervous. If I'm singing or speaking in front of a crowd, I can't keep my knees from knocking together.

It's embarrassing when there's nothing on stage to hide behind. I know that people can see my legs shaking, because the tremors are intense. So far, I haven't fallen down from them, and I hope I never do.

Post 3

I would like to know why I cannot get up after sitting down. I just shake and come close to falling because all my legs do is shake. I have to hold with both of my hands and this gets worse all the time.

I cannot walk anymore because of the shaking. My blood pressure is normal and when I take beta blockers, I get dizzy. It is terrible because I cannot go any place. I also take medication for nerves and also take klonopin. None of this helps.

I have been suffering with this for 15 years, I do not drink or smoke and never have. I do not understand that there is not some medication that I could

take. I never get a night's sleep because I wake up every night with pain between 4 and 5 in the morning and cannot take anything because I am subject to blood clots, they tell me.

They tell me this is arthritis. Then the Washington University school of medicine tells me I also have Parkinson's Disease. I would like to know what I can do for all the shaking. I have gone to therapy for a year and now I am taking leg exercises. I do not understand there is not something to help.

Post 2

I'm a 35 year old female and I work at a pharmacy, so I'm on my feet most of the day. While I'm standing there waiting on a customer, I will get tremors up and down my legs, mostly my right one. I would really like to know what is causing this. Thank you for your time.

Post 1

What about meningitis?

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