What Causes Itching Buttocks?

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Itching buttocks can be both a troublesome and embarrassing problem for many people. While there are several different potential causes for itchy buttocks, most are not serious and may be able to be treated at home. Some possible causes include skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, fungal infections such as ringworm, or a sensitivity to soaps or detergents. Treatment typically consists of using a medicated ointment or switching to a gentler type of soap or laundry detergent.

Eczema is a common cause of itching buttocks. Eczema is a skin condition that tends to run in families and causes dry and itchy skin, redness, and irritation. The symptoms may disappear for long periods of time and then suddenly reappear. Keeping the skin properly moisturized is the most important step in relieving the symptoms of eczema. If the skin is broken due to excessive scratching or flaking of the skin, an antibiotic ointment should be applied to the affected areas.

Psoriasis is yet another potential reason for itchy buttocks. This condition is also thought to run in families and generally causes thick red areas of skin that have flaky patches that tend to cause a lot of itching. Like eczema, this condition often comes and goes. Creams and ointments containing coal tar or cortisone are available over the counter and are often used to relieve the symptoms of psoriasis.


Ringworm is a type of skin infection that is caused by a fungus and may lead to itching buttocks. Fungal infections are relatively common and can typically be treated at home. Unlike eczema and psoriasis, ringworm is contagious and can be passed from person to person by direct contact. Ringworm generally appears as a red, scaly area on the skin that is often in the shape of a ring. Most cases of ringworm do not require a doctor's care and can be treated at home with over-the-counter anti-fungal medications.

Some patients find that soaps and detergents contribute to the development of itching buttocks. For instance, soaps used at bath time that contain perfumes or other harsh chemicals may irritate the skin, causing itching, either with or without a rash. The same is true for laundry detergents used to wash clothes that directly touch the affected area. Switching to a gentler soap or laundry detergent may be all that it takes to relieve itching buttocks.


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Post 3

@fify-- It could be worms too. Pinworm (or threadworm) infections cause itching buttocks. Especially if the itching is close to the butt crack, you should consider this as a possible cause as well.

My son had a pinworm infection when he was seven and constantly complained of his buttocks itching. We put a piece of scotch tape near the crack before he slept to check for worms. Pinworms are know for moving outside at night. A couple got stuck on the tape and we saw them in the morning. It sounds gross, but this can be a good way to check.

Even if you decide not to try this test, please take your baby to the doctor and have him or her tested for worms. Pinworm infections are very common among kids and babies.

Post 2

@fify-- It could be a yeast infection. Does your baby have a rash in addition to itching skin? Does he or she scratch her buttocks more when the diaper is on?

Diaper rash and yeast infection rash can look similar. If the rash doesn't improve after applying diaper rash ointments, that's a sign that it might be a yeast infection. You need to see a pediatrician in that case for anti-fungal medications.

Post 1

Diaper rash and yeast infections can both cause itchy buttock in babies right? How can I tell if my baby has a diaper rash or a yeast infection?

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