What Causes Itching Armpits?

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Many people suffer the annoyance and discomfort of itching armpits at some stage in their lives. As this unpleasant condition has many possible causes, it can sometimes be difficult to resolve. Understanding the most common causes of itching armpits can be the key to avoiding or quickly relieving the condition in the future. Toiletries such as deodorants and body washes are common armpit irritants, as are laundry detergents. Shaving can also cause irritation in the armpit area, as can certain bras and exposure to an allergen such as poison ivy.

Toiletries such as deodorants and body washes are perhaps the most common cause of itching armpits. Sometimes these products contain a fragrance or other ingredient to which the skin is allergic. In other cases, particular product formulations may simply be too harsh, especially for users with sensitive skin. Either way, the offending product may cause intense itchiness that is often accompanied by redness.

The best way to determine whether a toiletry is causing itching armpits is to cease using the product for several days. If the irritation subsides, it is likely that it was caused by the product in question. The offending toiletry should be discarded, and a product that is formulated for sensitive skin should be used in its place.


Laundry detergents can also cause itching armpits. In most cases, however, this itching will not be limited to the underarm region, but will rather occur wherever clothing washed in the irritating detergent touches the skin. Those who experience itching after switching to a new laundry detergent should substitute a different product.

Improper shaving technique can also lead to itching armpits. Using a dull razor as well as failure to use shaving cream can cause the underarms to become dry, irritated, and itchy. To avoid shaving-related underarm itch, change razors frequently and always lather the skin with shaving cream prior to hair removal. Further, avoid applying deodorant or antiperspirant to the underarms immediately after shaving.

For some women, bras can cause itching armpits. Bras often contain certain materials to which some people are allergic, such as elastic, rubber, latex, or nickel. Those who suspect that their undergarments are causing their armpit itch might try selecting bras made from natural materials.

Finally, exposure to an allergen such as poison ivy can lead to itching underarms. This irritation may result from direct contact with the allergen, or through contact with an object which has been exposed to the allergen. To avoid this type of underarm irritation, avoid wearing sleeveless tops when participating in outdoor activities like camping or hiking. In addition, be sure to thoroughly wash all clothing worn during these activities to remove lingering traces of allergens.


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Post 4

@Chmander - Well, you have to remember, the title of the article is called "What Causes Itching Armpits?". Based on that, it's going to discuss more about the causes, instead of any actual solutions. However, if you were to reread the article again, you'd see that it does give you solutions, even if they're very indirect. By looking at the causes for irritating armpits, you can get the issues resolved much faster.

For example, if you realize that a laundry detergent you use is the cause, using a different detergent will bring you to a solution. Besides, before most problems can be resolved, you have to know the underlying reason for the issue. It's only then that you can move forward.

Post 3

@RoyalSpyder - I've had this happen to me as well. On another note, I'm also surprised that the article didn't mention any solutions to itching armpits. I think it would have been really helpful.

Post 2

@Melonlity - I think another cause of itching and irritable armpits might be because some people have a habit of constantly switching between deodorants. In other words, you use one stick of deodorant, and then the very next day, you use a different brand. I've had to this happen to me before. Not only would my armpits become really irritated, but they would also get a sharp pain every now and then. However, this was soon resolved when I stuck to one stick of deodorant constantly, only using another brand when the other had run out. I'm surprised that the article didn't mention this.

Post 1

What might be happening is all that itching is caused by not washing deodorant off completely. Give that a try first before getting too concerned.

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