What Causes Hot Air Balloon Accidents?

N. Madison

There are many things that can potentially cause hot air balloon accidents. Among the most common are such issues as running into power wires or having an unusually hard landing. Sometimes weather, such as lightning, is the cause of hot air balloon accidents, and errors made by the pilot, helpers, or passengers can cause issues as well. Fires, problems with ground handling, and mechanical problems can also cause these types of accidents.

Pilot errors can cause hot air balloon accidents.
Pilot errors can cause hot air balloon accidents.

A hot air balloon accident can occur because of things that are encountered while the balloon is flying. For example, accidents can occur when a hot air balloon gets tangled with or runs into a power line. Others may result from impacting other aircraft or stationary structures. Sometimes weather is at fault in accidents involving this type of aircraft as well. For example, a balloon or its passengers could be struck by lightning or blown into another structure by an extremely strong wind.

Sudden storms are a major cause of balloon accidents.
Sudden storms are a major cause of balloon accidents.

Sometimes, accidents occur because of human error. For example, an individual who is helping with the launch of a craft could get dragged into the air after becoming tangled up in the balloon's rope and eventually fall to the ground. A pilot's error also could cause the accident if he flies into the wrong airspace; chooses to fly under the wrong conditions; or makes mistakes with landing, launching, or navigating the aircraft. Sometimes accidents such as flying into power lines and making overly hard landings are caused by the human error of the pilot, but this is not always the case. There are also times at which these types of accidents are beyond the pilot's control.

Besides the errors human beings make in the actual flying of the crafts and issues caused by weather, fires, ground handling, and mechanics also contribute to hot air balloon accidents. Some accidents are caused by explosions or the spread of fire on board the aircraft while others are the result of improper handling and maintenance of the balloon while it is on the ground. Accidents may also occur because of defects in the aircraft itself.

It is important to note that some hot air balloon accidents are referred to as "incidents" instead of "accidents." Some organizations, for example, may call accidents "incidents" if no one is injured or any injuries sustained are only minor in severity. The word "accident" is, in some cases, reserved for when severe injuries occur or for when a hot air balloon suffers serious damage or is destroyed.

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I recently read a short story that centered around a hot air balloon accident. It was about a guy that escapes from jail so that he can reunite with his son. The father and son are at a carnival when they see a hot air balloon that is tethered up. The father decides to steal it so he throws his boy in the basket and begins to untie the balloon. There is a mistake and the balloon goes sailing off with the boy inside and the father dangling from a rope beneath it. A few other guys jump on to try to help. Suffice it to say that things do not end well. It was a real page turner.


I have a pretty intense phobia of hot air balloons. I have never been up in one and I think you would have to point a gun at my face to convince me to go up in one.

Weird thing is that I am not particularly afraid of heights. I can stand at the edge of a cliff or at the top of a building and not feel overcome with fear. But a hot air balloon is a different story.

I just think of all that could go wrong. The basket could come apart from the balloon. The balloon could pop suddenly. The part that blows flames could catch the whole thing on fire. You could fall out of the basket. You could drift up and up and up all the way into the atmosphere. The list goes on. Too many uncertainties for me. I am happy to stand on the ground and watch all the brave fools who go up in hot air balloons.

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