What Causes Head Sweating?

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Excessive sweating can occur on any part of the body, even on the head. The development of a heat rash is one of the most common causes of excessive head sweating. In addition, a heart attack, low blood sugar levels, and an overactive thyroid can also contribute to the development of high amounts of sweating on the head. While some of these conditions may seem minor, in reality, they can be quite serious. Those who experience excessive head sweating should seek medical attention in order to rule out the diagnosis of a more serious medical condition.

One of the most common causes of head sweating is a heat rash. As the name suggests, a heat rash develops when an individual lingers too long in a climate with a very high temperature. Typically, those who develop heat rash also experience high amounts of sweating on the head. Heat rash can be a relatively dangerous condition, and individuals who believe that their head sweating may be linked to a heat rash should seek medical attention as soon as possible. When left untreated, a heat rash can lead to the development of heat stroke, a life-threatening condition.


A heart attack may be another cause of excessive head sweating. In most cases, when a heart attack is to blame, a number of other serious symptoms also are occurring. Typically, these include chest pain, difficulty breathing, a sore or tingling sensation in the arm, and pain across the shoulder blades. As with heat stroke, a heart attack can be deadly when left untreated, and therefore those who suspect a heart attack may be to blame should immediately go the emergency room of their local hospital, or call emergency response teams.

Those who have head sweating should consider their last meal. In many cases, skipping meals or eating very small meals on a regular basis can lead to low blood sugar. Very low blood sugar levels have commonly been linked to excessive sweating on both the head and the body. Eating normal-sized meals on a regular basis should be enough to prevent the recurrence of head sweating.

In some cases, thyroid disease may be to blame when it comes to excessive head sweating. While numerous thyroid conditions can result in excessive sweating, an overactive thyroid is most often to blame. In most cases, a physician or pharmacist should be able to recommend prescription or over-the-counter medications to regulate thyroid function.


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