What Causes Frequent Headaches?

N. Madison
N. Madison

There are many things that cause frequent headaches. One of them is stress. These types of headaches are referred to as tension headaches, and they can develop not only in response to stress, but also as a result of anxiety and depression. They may occur more frequently in those who are middle aged or older but can affect people of all ages.

Cavities can cause frequent headaches.
Cavities can cause frequent headaches.

Sometimes frequent headaches are referred to as cluster headaches; these may occur every day over a period of time. For example, cluster headaches may affect a person for weeks at a time, or they may even linger for months. Sometimes these headaches are linked to medical conditions, such as heart disease, infections, or even a tumor. They can also occur in a person who has diabetes or another type of condition related to his or her metabolism. A person may get cluster headaches after suffering an injury to the head, and they may linger longer than expected.

Cluster migraines are a type of recurrent headache that affect only one side of the head.
Cluster migraines are a type of recurrent headache that affect only one side of the head.

Frequent headaches can also occur as the result of conditions or problems in the mouth. For example, conditions involving the teeth, such as cavities and impacted teeth, and the jaw can lead to headaches. Eye conditions can cause pain here as well, as can conditions that affect a person’s ear, sinuses, and neck. Sometimes, a person will experience headaches because his vision is less-than-optimal, and his eyes are strained. In such a case, corrective lenses can put a stop to the pain.

Headaches can be caused by health issues in less-than-obvious places.
Headaches can be caused by health issues in less-than-obvious places.

Even the medication a person takes can cause pain, so it is wise to find out whether or not headaches are a potential side effect before beginning a new medicine. In some cases, a person’s headaches may even be attributable to allergies or sensitivities to certain chemicals she is exposed to on a daily basis. Some people are even sensitive to the weather, suffering pain in response to extreme temperatures or certain types of changes in barometric pressure.

Some people are genetically predisposed to migraines, while others suffer them because of environment triggers.
Some people are genetically predisposed to migraines, while others suffer them because of environment triggers.

Headaches can be caused by issues in less-than-obvious places. For example, they can be caused by arthritis that affects the spine or a degenerative bone disease. Disc disease can headaches as well. Because of the wide range of things that can lead to this problem, some of them potentially serious, people who suffer frequently should see a medical professional to rule out other conditions.

Frequent headaches may be caused by arthritis of the spine.
Frequent headaches may be caused by arthritis of the spine.
Vision problems can cause headaches in some people.
Vision problems can cause headaches in some people.
Frequent headaches can be a symptom of the wrong prescription in eyeglasses.
Frequent headaches can be a symptom of the wrong prescription in eyeglasses.
Sinus allergies can cause headaches.
Sinus allergies can cause headaches.
N. Madison
N. Madison

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After doing something bad in school, I have had really bad headaches and it makes me irritated or angry. I don't know what to do.


I was a long time migraine sufferer and I ran from doctor to doctor for years and nothing helped. I have discovered a product called accupresh that took it all away.

I am simply sharing it because I know the pain that migraine can give you and everyone deserves peace of mind.


@TriDelta: Having suffered from both migraines since I was 10 or 11 years old and now cluster headaches which started in my early 20's to now in my mid 30s, and with all due respect to you and all migraine/bad headache sufferers, cluster headaches are by far the most pain I've ever experienced. Heavy drugs and knowing that they only last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour/so for me are the only things that keep me sane. They're completely debilitating.

However, I respect all headache sufferers and would never question anyone who suffers from migraines, cluster headaches, etc.!


@Perdido – My mother never knew the causes of her migraine headaches. We couldn't tell if the weather affected her or not, because it seemed that she always kept a headache!

She got fired from her factory job because she missed so much work. She would have to go get a shot of pain medication from her doctor, and someone would have to drive her home, because this shot was designed to knock her out quickly.

One day, after years of frequent headaches, the migraines just stopped. She might have one or two a year now, but she can live with that.


I have a friend who gets severe migraine headaches frequently. He has several headaches per week, and sometimes one single headache will last several days.

Luckily, he can do his job from home when necessary. His boss understands his predicament and doesn't get upset when he has to stay home with a migraine.

One thing that seems to trigger his headaches is a change in the weather. Whenever a storm is approaching, he gets a bad migraine. He jokes that he can predict the weather by his headaches!


I started having chronic tension headaches not long after I got married. New responsibilities at home, combined with a slightly increased load at work, really put stress on me.

I had never been one to have headaches before this, but most people I'd known who had headaches got them on the sides of their heads. Mine were right on the top of my head, which seemed strange.

Shooting pains would run from the top of my head downward over and over. Once I stopped working and doing chores for the day, the headaches would subside.


@burcidi – I had headaches from eye strain, as well. My eye problems were brought on by staring at the computer screen all day at work.

I had never experienced eyesight issues before I started this job. Within a few months of my first day, I started having headaches behind my eyes. They were intense, and they made me have the urge to rub my eyes, but this only intensified the pain.

I got some glasses, and as long as I wear them while working, I don't get any more headaches. I don't know what I would have done if they hadn't helped. I probably would have had to switch careers!


Are there environmental factors that can cause chronic headaches? I moved into a new apartment three months ago and I have been having terrible headaches ever since. I've never experienced anything like this before. Could it have to do with the paint, or mold or something?


Diet has a lot to do with headaches. If you suffer from them frequently, take a good honest look at the things you eat and drink on a daily basis.

I has a friend who suffered from almost daily headaches. She said she ate well, and she did for the most part. But what she couldn't face up to was the fact that she drank tons of Diet Coke. After she realized that it might be a problem and slowly weaned herself off of it her headaches went away, that simple.


I get a lot of headaches whenever I get ear infections and I get those several times a year.

The bad part is that the headaches don't really respond to pain relievers. The only solution is to treat the ear infection with antibiotics.


If anybody out there is having chronic migraine headaches, make sure to get checked out by an eye doctor for eyesight issues.

I was suffering from severe migraines for days and weeks on end and then I found out I have bad eye sight. It turns out I have astigmatism and the doctor gave me eye glasses. The headaches disappeared immediately and haven't come back since.

I would have never guessed that bad eyesight would cause frequent headaches, but it happens.


@GameGeek-- Do you think that headaches also happen due to caffeine dependency?

I have coffee every morning but sometimes I'm busy and skip the coffee. I noticed that on those days, I get a lot of headaches and it doesn't go away unless I have some caffeine. I feel like I'm addicted to caffeine. Is this possible?


@TriDelta: Are you being serious? cluster headaches are among the worst headaches one could possibly endure. Try having one, or a three to four month episode. Admittedly migraines are pretty bad. But look up cluster headaches; they're not nice.


Cluster headaches can also be a form of migraine or lead to migraines. Migraines are a much more severe form of headache and can cause sensitivity to light and sound. There are different treatments out there but your best option would be to see a doctor about getting some form of prescription medication.


For small headaches, I like to use the BC powder. It works fast and has caffeine in it also.

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