What Causes Eyebrow Twitching?

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Almost all causes of eyebrow twitching are benign and go as fast as they come, but an eyebrow twitch itself can last several weeks and may indicate a serious problem. The most common causes are fatigue, stress, and eye problems. Nutritional deficiencies or too much of certain substances, such as caffeine and alcohol, can also trigger twitching. Less common but more serious causes of an eyebrow twitch include dehydration, diabetes, and anemia, among other disorders.

The most common cause of eyebrow spasms is fatigue, which is usually caused by a lack of sleep but can also arise from much work. Tiredness can actually cause any part of the eye to twitch. Usually cases of twitching caused by fatigue will last only a short while and go away on their own. If twitching is persistent, try increasing sleep or taking more breaks while working.

Another very common cause of eyebrow twitching is stress. Stress definitely affects the body, but it affects everyone in different ways. This cause is somewhat related to fatigue, as stress usually presents symptoms of fatigue. Much like twitching due to fatigue, twitching caused by stress will go away on its own more times than not. If the twitching becomes problematic, however, try to identify the source of the stress and reduce it if possible.


General problems in the eyes can also trigger eyebrow twitching. Dry eyes and eye strain can both cause the eyebrow to twitch. Dry eyes may be caused by age, overuse of the eye, or certain medications. Eye strain is also caused by overuse of the eyes, but it can also be caused by vision problems. Eye strain and dry eyes are very treatable, so talk to an eye doctor about symptoms for relief.

Nutritional imbalances may also lead to eyebrow twitching. Magnesium and calcium deficiencies are the leading suspects in muscle spasms, including the eyebrow. This cause is also related to fatigue, as nutrients are largely responsible for the body's energy source. Scientific evidence to support this cause is lacking, however, so talk to a doctor about concerns before purchasing nutritional supplements.

Stimulants such as caffeine, nicotine, and certain illegal substances may also be to blame for an eyebrow twitch. These substances overstimulate the body, including the nerves and muscles, which can lead to spasms. Alcohol and marijuana are also believed to cause twitching in the eyebrow. For relief from the spasms, try cutting back on these substances and see if doing so has an effect.

Some medical problems are thought to be the cause of eyebrow twitching. Dehydration, hypothyroidism, and lupus have been linked to eyebrow spasms. The flu, some nerve disorders, and food poisoning may also trigger this condition. These causes are significantly less common than stress or fatigue, but they do occur. In order to treat an eyebrow twitch caused by one of these disorders, the disorder must be diagnosed and treated by a doctor.


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Post 4

I have heard that a zinc supplement can help stop eyebrow twitching, today mine started and stopped in a few hours. I drank a vitamin mineral smoothie and that seemed to help.

Post 3

Another thing that can cause muscle spasms is if you've got a salt deficiency. That happens fairly often with athletes who have either sweated out too much salt, or drunk too much water without any electrolytes and thinned their blood too much.

Generally you'd have more symptoms than just eyebrow twitching though.

I've also heard that eyebrow twitching has a superstition around it depending on which one twitches and how hard it twitches, but I don't remember what it is.

Post 2

@browncoat - I find that it isn't the stress itself that is causing the eyebrow twitches, but the fact that I tense up my face when I'm stressed, without thinking about it. It's basically the same kind of twitches I get with any muscle when it's been overused.

So, the only thing that helps for me is to consciously relax all my muscles and try to keep them relaxed, even though the twitching itself makes me want to tense them back up again.

Sometimes rubbing the area can help as well. Prevention is always better than the cure, of course, but if I knew how to stop myself from getting stressed it would help me with much more than just my eyebrows!

Post 1

I hate it when my eyebrows start twitching. It's usually the left eyebrow that is twitching and it drives me crazy. It usually is stress or being too tired, so the best thing to do to stop it would be to sleep. But it twitches hard enough that it keeps me from being able to go to sleep, which makes it worse!

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