What Causes Bladder Cancer in Men?

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The bladder is the hollow organ located in the pelvis that is used for the purposes of storing and collecting the urine that is produced by the kidneys. Bladder cancer in men takes place due to the accumulation and the increase of the normal cells located within it. In this situation, they continue to grow without any limitations and finally cause serious bladder problems. As the cells grow and gather, they form an area of abnormal cells, called a tumor, which can either be cancerous or benign. These abnormal cells continue to progress and become much bigger in size as the other cells are accumulated. These cells turn into cancerous tumors, and they can easily spread throughout the bladder, as well as to surrounding areas within the body. This means that bladder cancer in men can spread to other areas of the body.


There could also be several unknown causes for bladder cancer in men, such as smoking, which has been linked to this type of cancer. This cancer is also a major concern for people who work in the chemical industries because the chemicals can have hazardous effects, which can cause bladder cancer. Different races have different percentages and risks to develop this disease. People of African descent have more probability of developing bladder cancer than Asian people do. This disease is a lot more common in men than in women — about twice the probability of developing it. The other reasons could be family background, previous medications, and use of radiation.

There are a few basic symptoms that indicate bladder cancer in men. The most common symptom that could be the basis of bladder cancer is blood in the urine. The other symptoms include the feeling of burning and pain while urinating. But again, these symptoms could be the indications of other kidney and bladder infections as well. Pain in the lower back area and the feeling of no satisfaction after urinating are also the symptoms of this disease.

There are various treatment methods for bladder cancer in men. Surgery and radiation therapy is a method being used for the treatment of this cancer by destroying the affected area only. The other effective method is the chemotherapy, which kills the cancer cells within the entire body. Biological therapy is the treatment method adopted to treat the disease by killing the infected cells, or tumor, through the natural defense systems of the body. People can save themselves from this hazardous disease by following a healthy diet plan, stopping smoking and drinking more liquids.


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