What can Speed up Metabolism?

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Metabolism is the physical and chemical process that distributes nutrients throughout the body, using up the calories consumed during the day. When the metabolic rate is high, the process will burn through the available calories and start using stored fat cells for energy, causing you to lose weight. Although your metabolic rate is somewhat determined by genetics and biology, certain factors can help you increase your metabolism to burn more calories.

Exercise is probably the most effective way to speed up metabolism. Cardiovascular workouts, such as jogging, swimming or speed walking, will help build lean muscle mass in the body. Muscle tissue uses more calories than fat tissue, thus the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolic rate will rise. Some experts say that your metabolic rate rises immediately after exercise, and may stay at an increased rate for up to 48 hours following a workout.

Some experts say that as much as 10% of calories burned are used to aid the digestive process. Because of this, many dietitians recommend eating several small meals throughout the day rather than a few large meals to speed up metabolism. Constantly having your system be at work digesting food may lead to a higher metabolic rate and increased calorie burn. Spacing small meals throughout the day can also prevent blood sugar drops that often lead to binging or overeating.


Extreme heat or cold may help speed up metabolism, according to some health professionals. Research shows that metabolism increases in very cold weather, in order to keep the body at a constant temperature. Be careful not to over expose yourself to extreme temperatures in inappropriate clothing, however, as this can lead to illness.

Some research shows that certain foods will increase metabolism for short periods of time. Spices, such as hot peppers or chili powder, have been shown to speed up metabolism by as much as 30%, but only for a short time. Other experts recommend drinking green tea, which contains natural anti-oxidants that may help increase your metabolic rate. In general, foods that are high in protein have also been shown to cause a boost in metabolism, especially compared to carb-heavy foods.

If you are looking to speed up metabolism, the steps are the same for any healthy lifestyle advice. Exercise, eat a balanced diet, and space meals correctly to avoid overindulgence. By increasing your metabolism safely and by natural means, you can give your self a weight-losing boost and help your body get on track with your health goals.


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