What can I do with Hard-Boiled Eggs?

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Many people find themselves with an abundant supply of hard-boiled eggs after the Easter or Passover holidays. Others find it more convenient to prepare a dozen at one time for various uses throughout the week. Whatever the reason, it's not unusual to find yourself with more eggs than reasons to use them. There are actually a number of uses for these left-over hard-boiled eggs, and many of these recipes only require ingredients already in your pantry or refrigerator.

One common use for hard-boiled eggs is as a topping for salads. Roughly dice whole eggs into small cubes and place in a bowl along with a small serving spoon. They are especially good when combined with real or imitation bacon bits and a sweeter salad dressing such as honey mustard or French. Chopped eggs can be frozen in freezer bags and served after they've thawed out completely in the refrigerator.

Another use for them is the popular appetizer or side dish called deviled eggs. There are numerous deviled egg recipes available, but the basic process is the same. Carefully slice hard-boiled eggs lengthwise, from top to bottom. Scoop out the yellow yolks and place them in a mixing bowl.


Place the clean halves of the eggs on a plate or special deviled egg holder with compartments. Mix the yolks with a combination of mustard, mayonnaise or salad dressing, and pickle relish. Using a spoon, place the yolk mixture back into the original holes. Garnish with olives, chopped green onions or a dash of paprika.

Hard-boiled eggs can survive without refrigeration for several days, as long as the shells have not been cracked. This is usually enough time for children to create Easter eggs or conduct an egg hunt. Afterwards, parents can peel the eggs and preserve them through pickling.

One inexpensive way to pickle hard-boiled eggs is to use the juice packed around canned beets. Place the peeled eggs in a suitable container, such as a beverage pitcher, and pour the contents of several cans of beets over them. Allow the eggs enough time to absorb the beet juice, then eat them whole. Others may prefer to use standard pickling brine or to store the eggs in a pre-existing jar of cucumber pickles.

Many people enjoy creating egg salad. Again, there are numerous variations on the basic theme, but a standard egg salad recipe is very similar to that of deviled eggs. Whole hard-boiled eggs should be chopped or pureed in a food processor. The eggs should then be mixed in a bowl with mayonnaise or salad dressing, mustard, diced onions, pickle relish and/or olives. Egg salad can be served on a bed of greens or as a sandwich on softer white bread.

Apart from a stand-alone egg salad, chopped hard-boiled eggs are popular in pasta or other cold salads. Potato and macaroni salad recipes often call for diced eggs to enhance the texture, much like pickle relish provides a sharper bite. They may also be added to liver pates or meatloaf to add structure. Some ethnic recipes call for hard-boiled eggs to dampen the effects of a spicy curry sauce. Sliced eggs also make good garnishes for breakfast dishes.


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Post 4

I do not advise or recommend mixing boiled eggs with any type of green. I really do not know why yet, but I know for sure that my canaries refuse to eat this mix, but they will love to eat each food when provided in a separated dish. I learn a lot from my canaries and I believe and respect their judgment.

I am still looking and researching for the reason why my canaries refuse to eat the boiled eggs when it mixed with grounded green (Kale). I would be more than happy to have your help.

Post 3

Just wanted you to know that part of the somerset post is wrong! A boiled egg will spin freely a raw egg will not hardly spin, mostly wobble! I thought everyone should know the truth before getting egg on themselves!


Post 2

My mother used to chop hard boiled eggs, add a little sea salt, olive oil and vinegar. That was her version of egg salad. With a slice of good bread, I remember it being very good tasting.

Recently I have learned a little trick one can use to differentiate between hard boiled eggs and raw eggs if you happen to mix them together. If one twirls a hard boiled egg on the table, it does not rotate that much, a raw egg will spin very easily.

I wish I knew that years ago. Once on a long trip, my husband and I packed some hard boiled eggs to tie us over until we reach our very distant destination. Unfortunately, one

of the eggs that was not cooked found its way with the cooked ones.

Of course my husband happened to pick the uncooked one and it spilled in his lap. It is safe to say that he was not amused. It sounds funny now, but at the time, we had a major crisis on our hands, since he was all dressed up in his best suit. Hopefully that twirling trick will prevent someone else from having to clean up a raw egg spill.

Post 1

Deviled eggs are delicious!

Another good use for hard boiled eggs is to feed them to dogs. Eggs are good for their coat. I'm not sure about cats, but they might get some nutritional benefit from hard boiled eggs also.

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