What can I do with an Adult Education Certificate?

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With an adult education certificate, you can access many positions related to teaching adults. Such positions could include teaching adults reading skills, computer skills, career skills, or even language skills. Many adults seek to further their knowledge through continuing education. A teacher with an adult education certificate is qualified to teach these classes to adults who may not have gotten the chance to learn these subjects while in secondary school or university.

Many adults do not know how to read properly, although reading is a vital skill for nearly all positions. Adult learning courses in reading is a booming field, and one in which an adult education certificate is very useful. When teaching adults how to read, you should know the best techniques to use when building important reading and grammar skills for this demographic. The pedagogical methods used to teach children how to read are not the same methods that are used to teach adults how to read. Your adult teaching resources will focus more on building upon an older student's speaking skills and vocabulary to teach him or her the right way to read.


Computer training is another popular field within adult education. Those with an adult education certificate and a background in computers or Internet services often choose to use this knowledge to help other adults leverage the power of the personal computer. Knowing how to effectively type, search the Internet, and use popular operating system software is increasingly important in the workplace. Due to this development, many adults are seeking continuing education courses in computer literacy. With a background in adult education, you will have the opportunity to impart such useful knowledge to grateful students.

During economically depressed times, developing sound career skills is vital in differentiating oneself from the competition. An adult education certificate will give you the qualifications needed to advise others on how to secure a job when such opportunities are scarce. The modern-day adult must know how to compile a resume or a curriculum vitae, how to conduct himself or herself during a job interview, and how to properly communicate with managers and other co-workers. Teaching adults these important skills is one way to utilize an adult education degree.

Many people take continuing education courses in order to learn a new language. Fluency in a foreign language, combined with an adult teaching certificate, is a powerful qualification for a foreign language teacher. With this experience, you will be able to effectively teach students how to speak, read, write, and understand the language of their choice.


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