What can I do with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering?

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Many people do not realize that a bachelor of science in engineering degree is a very versatile degree. A person with a bachelor of science degree that specializes in an engineering field usually has several career options, such as biomedical applications, applied mechanics, or even Internet-based technologies. Generally, a person's job availability and salary range may depend upon his or her work experience, the locality, and economic conditions.

A bachelor of science degree in engineering prepares a person for a job in a wide variety of fields. The type of degree a person holds can determine the area of work he or she will choose. For example, a bioengineering degree combines the bachelor of science in engineering with biology and biomedical sciences. Companies that hire people to solve problems in the medical or biological field generally want people with this type of degree.

Another example of a specialty bachelor of science in engineering is the market and social systems engineering (MKSE) degree. This new field includes the jobs that are reshaping the way societies network with each other. Often people with this type of degree are in the field of Internet-based technologies, such as search engine engineering and electronic commerce applications. Financial and social networks need engineers to build secure infrastructures. An engineer with an MKSE degree may even work on designing, building, and protecting power grids.


Bachelor of science in engineering (BSE) offers the fundamental training for people who want to work in traditional engineering fields, such as manufacturing and electrical applications. Often a person gets a BSE or a bachelor of engineering in technology (BET) for careers in practical design and hands-on applications. Sometimes these degrees have other names, such as mechanical engineering and applied mechanics. One of these degrees usually is necessary for entry-level jobs in manufacturing and similar jobs. A person may work on anything from aerospace systems to kitchen appliances or cars to toys.

The more theoretical fields that require bachelor of sciencea Bachelor of Science in engineering include research jobs, such as environmental studies. Like the MKSE degree, another new area is digital media design. As technology evolves, the different types of bachelor of science in engineering degrees evolve. Now engineers create software, usually for use in mechanical systems like robotics programs. Electrical engineers are turning their skills to jobs in telecommunications and handling every aspect of satellite and mobile communications and fiber optics.

A job applicant with a bachelor of science in engineering should check the job requirements of prospective employers. Some of the degrees that employers are seeking include bachelor of science in biomedical engineering, bachelor of science in electronic engineering or electrical and computer engineering, and bachelor of science in civil engineering. Sometimes an employer will require certain areas of expertise or study applications, such as pre-law, pre-med, or chemistry. Some people join the military and use their bachelor of science to design, build, and repair military defense systems. Whatever a person's chosen specialty is, typically he or she can find opportunities to work in a field that interests him or her with this degree.


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