What can I do with a Bachelor of Science in Education?

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A bachelor of science in education will prepare you to become a teacher, or it may put you on the track to become an administrator, school counselor, or other position within the realm of education. After you complete a bachelor of science in education, you may choose to take the appropriate examinations and courses enter the workforce as a primary or secondary education teacher, or you may decide to go onto graduate school to pursue other positions within the realm of education. Most students who hold a bachelor of science in education are being trained to teach, or they have another specific path in mind. If you do not, it is time to decide what your interests are within the education field.

A teaching certification exam and courses must be taken after the bachelor of science in education is completed, which means a graduate from such a program can become qualified to teach in the specialized area he or she has chosen during the degree program matriculation. A person may have focused on elementary education, while another person may have focused on secondary education. Still others may have focused on a specific subject, such as English education or biology education. If you hold a specialized bachelor of science in education, you will be prepared to teach in that certain subject area.


Others who hold a bachelor of science in education choose to go onto graduate school to further their education. This is valuable for several reasons: first, obtaining a graduate degree will often place a teacher in a higher pay bracket; second, a graduate degree will make the student qualified for a wider array of positions in the education realm, such as administrative positions or counseling positions. You will need to choose what your goals are before entering grad school so you have a clearer understanding of what positions you will be qualified for once you finish the degree program.

You may choose to study a completely different field once you finish your bachelor's degree in education. The undergraduate work you do can prepare you for other fields, and you may pursue graduate work in a related or unrelated field, or you may obtain a job in a field outside of education. Other career fields value people with an undergraduate education, regardless of the specific field of study, and may be looking for job candidates who have experience and knowledge of education. Research positions are available, as are positions with non-profit organizations and child services.


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Post 3
I got a bachelor of science in education and the I joined Teach For America, a national program that recruits new graduates to serve in public schools. It was a demanding but very rewarding experience. I had some classroom experience but nothing that would have prepared me for being in control of my own class of fourth graders.

I had to learn a lot of it on the job and I definitely made a lot of mistakes. But ultimately it made me a better teacher. I am still teaching and I am grateful for the experience I got straight out of school.

Post 2

Does anyone know of any online degree programs for a degree in education? I really want to go back to school to study to become a teacher but there is no way I can fit a traditional four year education into my schedule. I have a job and kids and there is just no way to make it work if I have to spend all day, every day in class.

I know that online education is getting huge but that it is not yet available for all degrees. There are some things you just have to learn in person. Can I learn to become a teacher online?

Post 1
You can get many teaching jobs with a BS in education just as long as you have a teaching certificate. And even if you do not have one you can teach in a private school if you are otherwise qualified.

A degree in education is actually a great way to get into a lot of different careers. It doesn't even have to be in a school. There is the very real need in businesses across industries for people that can effectively communicate information to others. I have known people with education degrees that got into corporate training or communications and did very well for themselves.

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