What can I do to Stop Pollution?

Lauren Romano

Pollution is a big problem that is slowly destroying the world that we live in. It is vital for every individual to do what he or she can to clean up the environment. Whether it is in the home or on a government level, every person is important and has the ability to make a difference and help stop pollution.

Plastic bottle floating in a lake.
Plastic bottle floating in a lake.

The first step you can take to stop pollution is to not litter. Throw the garbage into a trashcan instead of onto the sidewalk or the side of a road. Carry around a small bag with you and if you see a piece of litter on the ground while you are on a walk, pick it up and toss it out.

Air pollution from a factory.
Air pollution from a factory.

If you notice that there are not many garbage cans on the street in your town, write a letter to your local government asking them to put out more in order to help stop pollution. Many people go on walks, especially during summer months, and would like to be able to have access to a garbage can if they need one. Instead of people tossing the litter onto the street, they may be more likely to put it in a garbage can if there was one around.

Water that is polluted by oil.
Water that is polluted by oil.

In order to help stop pollution, people can start being more aware of which items can be recycled and how to go about doing it. A call to the local recycling center can tell you where to recycle used batteries, computer monitors and scraps of wood among many other items. There are even some companies that will buy your old electronics, such as cell phones, so you can earn yourself some money and help save the environment at the same time.

Some people dispose of chemical products by dumping them down storm drains, which is bad for the environment.
Some people dispose of chemical products by dumping them down storm drains, which is bad for the environment.

If you notice a particular issue that you want to bring to the government’s attention, don't be afraid to let your voice be heard. Consider writing a letter to a member of government giving your opinion and explaining what you believe can and should be done to help solve the problem. If you are not interested in writing a letter, there are plenty of environmental petitions online that you can sign your name to, or you can even start one of your own.

Not littering is the first step to stopping pollution.
Not littering is the first step to stopping pollution.

Some people dispose of products, for example, paint, oil or pesticides, right into storm drains or toss the items into the garbage. These items need to be disposed of properly so they will not cause harm to the environment. A call to your local recycling center will inform you of where you can dispose of these items safely.

It is very easy for every single person to help stop pollution. It can take little effort, but can be something that makes a huge difference. Start by evaluating how you can make small changes. Even the smallest changes in your own life can have a massive impact.

Some recycling companies will buy old cell phones.
Some recycling companies will buy old cell phones.

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