What can I do to Avoid Getting a Dry Mouth at Night?

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Dry mouth at night is an irritating condition that can, at times, be very disruptive to normal life. Some of the simplest remedies for the condition, however, are very effective at treating it. Sucking on finely crushed ice chips is one of the most common forms of treatment for dry mouth. Other similar remedies, including sucking on fruit pits and chewing gums and candies rich in sorbitol, may also prove effective. Avoiding foods high in sugar may also be a way to treat this troublesome condition.

One of the most common ways to treat this condition is through the use of finely crushed ice chips. Sucking on ice chips can substantially increase saliva production, which alleviates the symptoms of dry mouth. Those who suffer from the dry mouth at night are often encouraged to suck on ice chips in the evening before bed in order to stimulate saliva production. In addition, upon waking, individuals suffering from dry mouth may achieve success by chewing on a few pieces of ice before reclining again.


Another common way to treat it is with fruit pits. As with ice chips, research has found that sucking on the pits of mangoes, avocados, or peaches will substantially increase saliva production. This will help in the prevention of dry mouth at night. Often, those who suffer from chronic dry mouth are typically advised to suck on the pit 30 minutes before they plan on retiring for the evening. For best results, the pit should be cleaned, with as little meat as possible still remaining attached.

Avoiding foods high in sugar is another way to treat dry mouth at night, especially as one of the most common causes of this disorder is an excessive amount of sugar in the diet. Individuals who are prone to the development of the condition are usually encouraged to avoid excessive intakes of candies, sodas, baked goods, and other products rich in simple sugars close to bedtime.

Chewing sorbitol products may be another option for those suffering from dry mouth. Gums and candies that are rich in sorbitol help to increase saliva production, and therefore can help in the prevention of dry mouth at night. Individuals who are interested in this technique must read the labels of the products closely in order to make sure that they do contain, in fact, sorbitol.


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@Buster29- I used to wake up with dry mouth myself, and like you I couldn't find a medical reason for it. My wife finally figured it out for me. I had a snoring problem, and I was sleeping with my mouth open most of the night. Once I treated the snoring, the dry mouth got better.

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One cause for a dry mouth I've discovered is the air conditioning vents in my bedroom. I'd wake up with a dry mouth almost every morning, and I couldn't figure out why. I tried keeping ice water on the nightstand and sucking on lozenges, but nothing worked, I finally realized the bed was positioned right in the path of an air conditioning vent. Warm or cold air was always blowing right across my mouth at night. Once I changed the angle of my bed, I no longer woke up with a dry mouth.

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