What can I do About Water Damage in a Condo?

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It is important to act quickly to deal with water damage in a condo. You will usually have to take steps to remove the water from the condo and dry the walls, floors, and ceilings as quickly as possible. You may do this yourself or contact a water damage expert to do it for you. You may also contact your condo association to learn whether or not it will pay for the repairs to your condo. If the condo association is not responsible, you may have to contact your insurance company or pay for repairs out of pocket.

The first thing you may do when your condo has suffered water damage is check with your condo association. In some cases, a condo association may be responsible for repairing certain types of water damage to condominium units. Keep in mind, however, this is not always the case. Sometimes each unit owner is responsible for any water damage that affects his particular unit. In some cases, a condominium association is only responsible if water damage was the result of actions it took or failed to take.


After learning whether or not your condominium association is responsible for water damage in a condo, your next step may be checking to see if your homeowner’s insurance policy covers the type of water damage your condo sustained. For example, if the water damage is caused by a flood and you have flood insurance, you may be covered. If, on the other hand, the damage was caused by a tub that ran over because someone neglected to turn it off, your insurance policy may not cover it. In such a case, you may have the entire expense for repairing the water damage in a condo.

It is typically important to take care of water damage as soon as possible. This is due the fact that allowing water to remain in your condo for an extended period of time may lead to structural damage and the development of mold. The type of damage you will face typically depends on the amount of water and the length of time it is standing in your property; the source of the water may matter as well. Using special vacuums capable of removing water, high-powered fans, and mops may help you remove as much of the water as possible, as quickly as you can. Sometimes you may even have to cut panels in wallboard in order to allow air to circulate and encourage faster drying.

You may find it helpful to call in an expert to help you deal with water damage in a condo. An expert in this field will typically have equipment for removing water from your property and drying the walls, ceiling, and floors faster and more efficiently than you might accomplish on your own. With his help, you may be able to avoid the growth of mold or at least minimize it. In fact, his help may even make collapsing walls and ceilings less likely.


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