What can I do About Sore Muscles?

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Sore muscles can be the result of a number of different activities or circumstances. Simply staying in one position for too long, for example, can create sore muscles. Many students and professionals who find themselves putting in long hours in front of a computer find that they have sore muscles in the arms or back due to sitting in one position at their desk or work terminal for extended periods of time. Athletes, dancers, and anyone who simply exercises for health will also experience sore muscles from time to time. This can be due to using a new muscle group, increasing the amount of exercise, or increasing the amount of weight or resistance than one is accustomed to.

There are a number of ways to avoid sore muscles. One of the best ways to avoid sore muscles is to stretch. Before doing any physically strenuous activity, it is important to stretch the muscle groups that you will be using. Remember that it is also important to stretch at the end of your workout, as you cool down. Just a few minutes of stretching before and after your physical activity can really help to prevent sore muscles.


If you are about to sit down to crank out a term paper, you should also stretch. Before sitting down at your desk, do some simple shoulder rolls, lean down and touch your toes to stretch out your back, and even make sure to stretch out your legs. Getting up every hour, even just to walk around your office or workspace, and doing a bit of stretching can help to reduce sore muscles the next day. Also, be sure to keep your neck loose. Many people hold tension in their necks and upper backs. If you are stressed out about your work, you may find yourself doing the same. Stop every hour or so and roll your head from the front of your chest, to your shoulder, back, to your other shoulder, and then down to your chest again. Do this a few times in each direction.

Another great way to stave off sore muscles is to stay hydrated. Many physical problems, including sore muscles, can be attributed to poor hydration. So whether you are sitting down for a full day of work at your desk or are about to start a marathon, remember to drink plenty of water. If you are doing very vigorous exercise for a long period of time, you may want to consider drinking water that has been fortified with electrolytes.

Sometimes the best way to assuage sore muscles is to see a massage therapists. Before beginning your massage, be sure to talk with your massage therapists about the types of soreness you have been experiencing so that he or she can work to help you with those specific trouble spots. If you have ongoing soreness in your muscles, be sure to see your doctor. They may be the result of a larger muscular or skeletal problem. Furthermore, the advice in this article is not meant to supersede or even replace the advice of a medical professional.


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Good article, but in order to relieve sore muscles, you have to understand where the idea of sore muscles comes from.

Post 2

Good article! One thought on the muscle creams, there is a gel called Sporta-Flx Organic Massage Gel. It does not contain menthol or methyl salicilate. I use it whenever I feel the need, and there are no harmful chemicals in it. It's really weird stuff (in a good way)

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If you use muscle creams, use them sparingly. There are some chemicals in the creams that in large doses might not be healthy. Do follow instructions.

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