What can I do About Heavy Menstrual Flow?

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Medically, unless caused by an underlying condition or medication, there isn’t much you can do to stop a heavy menstrual flow. There are steps you can take, however, to make the situation more comfortable and less of a hassle for you. First, you should consult your doctor if your flow is heavier than normal without any known cause. Then you can begin eating healthier and taking necessary precautions for those days of the month.

Some women have a naturally heavy menstrual flow, although the cause for this is often not known. It may have something to do with hormone levels, but as long as you are not going through more than one sanitary napkin or tampon every hour or two, you are likely within the range of normal. One of the best steps you can take to make yourself more comfortable is to be sure to purchase pads and tampons that are made for heavy flows. This will prevent leaks and give you greater peace of mind when away from home.

In some cases a woman with a heavy menstrual flow will feel especially tired on the heaviest days. If you fall within this category, you may consider taking an iron supplements and eating more iron-rich foods. Since iron is found in red blood red cells, the extra blood you are losing could be depleted your supply. This would explain any lags in energy you may be feeling.


During your heaviest days, you may wish to avoid strenuous exercise. In some cases, engaging in hard physical activity may make your flow even heavier. While this is not always true, you are likely least comfortable on these days as well, so taking it easy may keep your strength up. Taking a stroll to boost your mood or lift fatigue is fine, however, and is even recommended.

You should know the warning signs of an underlying condition or excessive bleeding so you know when to call a doctor about your heavy menstrual flow. If you are filling one or more regular pads or tampons with one hour, have severe menstrual cramps that do not go away with over the counter treatment, feel dizzy or short of breath, or experience nausea of vomiting; you should seek medical assistance. You may have a bleeding disorder or a gynecological issue such as endometriosis. Severe pain on one side only may indicate an ectopic pregnancy and is a medical emergency. Any heavy bleeding or pain that is not normal for you should also be checked out.


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A menstrual cup such as the Diva Cup is a great alternative to pads or tampons for women with a heavy flow. Or for anyone, for that matter!

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