What can I do About Fatigue During Menstruation?

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Menstruation can be an uncomfortable and sometimes painful time for women, and a common occurrence is the development of fatigue that makes everyday activities seem overwhelming and exhausting. Before this time begins, there are a number of steps an individual can take in order to help overcome feelings of fatigue during menstruation. This includes exercising, increasing vitamin intake, and cutting back on substances like salt and alcohol.

Other symptoms that come along with menstruation can increase the experience of fatigue. Getting several hours of extra exercise a week can help alleviate tension and loosen muscles. Even light exercise like going for a walk every day can help maintain a healthy balance in the body that will continue through the days during menstruation.

Consuming too much of what might seem like a good thing can also wear down the body to the point of suffering extreme fatigue during menstruation. Cutting back on chocolate, coffee, and salt can help build up the body's resistance to fatigue. Bad habits like smoking and drinking to excess can also make fatigue while menstruating worse, so cutting back or quitting these habits can make the individual healthier overall and better equipped to handle the added stress of the menstrual cycle.


An iron deficiency can make an individual feel tired and worn out, and with added blood loss this fatigue can become even worse. Iron supplements or an increase in the amount of iron in the diet can help keep levels of this vital nutrient high. Adding a B6 vitamin every day can also help, as well as making sure there is a sufficient amount of calcium in the diet. Together, these three key supplements can help reduce fatigue as well as other symptoms such as joint pain and muscle aches. Eating a balanced diet that includes other nutrients will also help the body fight off the effects of fatigue and combat other symptoms such as lethargy, bloating, and aches.

Stress can make fatigue during menstruation much worse. While it might not be necessary to reduce stress and eliminate the cause, learning to manage stress can in turn help reduce fatigue. Yoga and meditation can help an individual learn how to handle stress, and in turn help the body relax. This can reduce the severity of fatigue during menstruation, and along with eating a healthy diet before and during the cycle will help keep the body healthy and strong throughout.


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Post 4

I think that what causes fatigue during your period is related to what causes it during the rest of the month. This is a lack of proper hydration, nutrition, and exercise.

Sure, hormones have something to do with it, but I believe that if you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and avoid salt on a regular basis, you won't feel as tired when the time for your period rolls around. Give it a try if you don't believe it.

Also, going for a walk every day, even while you are menstruating, can make you feel better. You may not feel like walking, but once you start, you'll realize how much better it is making you feel.

Post 3

@OeKc05 – You have a couple of options. Both have worked for me at different times in my life.

When I feel like I can't go on physically during my period, I take a menstrual medication that is designed to relieve everything from bloating to fatigue. It's got pain medicine in it, as well as a diuretic, and some forms of it have caffeine to intensify the effect. I feel so much better after taking it, but I do have to take it every four hours for a few days.

Then, there's the more long-term solution. I started taking birth control pills three years ago, and now, when my period arrives, I feel almost normal. My energy isn't

zapped, and I don't have major cramps.

You may not be in a place in your life where you want to take birth control, but if you have no objection to it, I can tell you that it will make you feel so much better during your period. I used to feel like a sleep-deprived monster for that one week out of every month, but now, I feel human again.

Post 2

I have so much fatigue during my menstrual cycle that nothing seems to help. I take a multivitamin every day, and I eat healthy foods regularly, but once my period arrives, I'm a tired, frazzled mess.

Is there anything I can do or take to dramatically improve my energy level during menstruation? I'm not talking about energy drinks or uppers. I want something that will be good for my body or at least not harmful to it.

Post 1

I know that stress is definitely one of the extreme fatigue causes, but there is not always a way to eliminate it. If stress is related to your job, you can't avoid it.

I agree with the article about yoga and meditation working wonders to combat fatigue. I never realized until I tried it how very much slowing down, concentrating on your breathing, and doing simple stretches can take the fatigue out of your life.

After a half hour session of yoga and meditation, I feel like a new person. My stress is behind me, and I feel renewed inside. This translates to my body, as well, because I feel energized and relaxed.

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