What can I do About an Upset Stomach During Pregnancy?

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There are many ways to deal with an upset stomach during pregnancy. You may, for example, change how often you eat and the size of your portions. You may also keep snacks around for calming a stomach in turmoil, drink herbal tea, or suck on morning sickness lollipops and lozenges. If your upset stomach is caused by an illness or your case of morning sickness is severe, you may also need to take steps to avoid dehydration. No matter what the cause of your stomach upset, however, a severe case may warrant a trip to see a medical professional.

If an upset stomach is caused by morning sickness, there may be a range of things you can do to relieve it. You may find that eating small, frequent meals helps to decrease any nausea. You may also discover that it is helpful to get out of bed slowly and nibble a small snack, such as crackers or pretzels, before you get up. In fact, eating such snacks periodically throughout the day may help as well.

Drinking certain types of teas may also prove helpful for treating stomach problems. Ginger tea, for example, may have a particularly calming effect.


When you need to treat an upset stomach during pregnancy, you may also consider using some of the products that are designed specifically for use by pregnant women. For example, you may find special lollipops or lozenges that are supposed to help safely relieve upset stomach in pregnant women. Some are even said to relieve dry mouth and provide a natural energy boost. A simple piece of ginger or peppermint hard candy may also help.

Sometimes, stomach upset during pregnancy is caused not by morning sickness, but by an actual illness, such as food poisoning or a stomach virus. In such a case, you may find it difficult to take anything by mouth. It is important, however, to stay hydrated for both your own health and your baby’s. As such, you may try to drink plenty of water, although oral re-hydration solutions may help as well. Once you can keep food down again, you may introduce small portions of bland foods, such as bananas, toast, and rice, first and then gradually work your way back to consuming a normal diet.

If symptoms of an upset stomach are preventing you from eating or drinking for a significant amount of time, it's a good idea to visit a healthcare provider. The same goes for upset stomach that interferes with your daily activities. A medical professional may provide other treatments that help you to feel better and get back to your normal lifestyle.


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Post 2

The article seems mostly to talk about causes of stomach upset in early pregnancy, but something like twenty percent of pregnant women will stay sick right into the third trimester of pregnancy.

I know because I was one of those. If I ate too much, there wouldn't be room for it in my stomach and it would come back up--in the middle of the night! I took some over-the-counter medicine that my doctor had prescribed and just tried not to eat too much at once, especially close to bed.

Like the previous poster, @MissDaphne, was saying, everyone is different and it's so important to observe your own symptoms and what helps and hurts.

Post 1

Try everything once--different things work for everyone! For me, peppermint tea was helpful with those early pregnancy symptoms. And even though protein was the last thing I wanted, loading up on it was helpful. A friend of mine swore by those motion sickness bracelets, but they didn't help me.

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