What can Cause a Frequent Urge to Urinate?

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A frequent urge to urinate typically has underlying medical causes, many of which can be easily treated through prescription medications or other medical procedures. One of the most common causes of this feeling is a urinary tract infection. While this condition is most often treated through the use of certain antibiotics, in some cases, affected individuals can also achieve relief by drinking large quantities of cranberry juice. In addition, both an enlarged or infected prostate and atrophy of the muscles surrounding the bladder can also result in the development of frequent urination. Individuals who experience atrophy of the muscles surrounding the bladder may be able to achieve some success through the performance of exercises designed to tighten and strengthen the weakened muscles in question.

One of the most common causes of a frequent urge to urinate is a urinary tract infection. A urinary tract infection is a condition in which bacteria from feces enters the bladder or urinary tract, resulting in inflammation. This inflammation results in bladder constriction, and causes a person to feel like they need to urinate. While women are at the greatest risk for the development of a urinary tract infection due to their relatively short urinary tract, men can also develop the condition. Frequent urination is the most common symptoms of a urinary tract infection, though painful urination and a urgent need to urinate during the night may also result.


An enlarged or infected prostate may also lead to the development of a frequent urge to urinate. Prostate enlargement of infection puts increased amounts of pressure on the bladder, thereby decreasing the amount of urine which can be held. This results in an increased urge to urinate. In most cases, men who have been diagnosed with an enlarged prostate are encouraged to undergo surgery to treat the condition. Those for whom surgery is not an option or who are suffering from prostate infection may achieve better results with prescription medications.

Atrophy of the muscles surrounding the bladder can also result in a frequent urge to urinate. Often, the atrophy of these muscles occurs with increasing age, though other conditions may also lead to muscle atrophy. In many cases, individuals who experience muscle atrophy are encouraged to perform a series of exercises on a regular basis in order to strengthen weak muscles and prevent further deterioration. Those who wish to perform these exercises may want to consider consulting with an occupational or physical therapist in order to ensure they are performing the exercises correctly.


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Post 3

@ysmina-- Cystitis or interstitial cystitis are other names for bladder inflammation. It basically means that you have a urinary tract infection. If you have cystitis, you will probably have pelvic pain, along with the urge to urinate frequently. Take your antibiotics and you will be fine.

I used to think that cystitis is due to me catching a cold. I've only had cystitis a few times in my life, but they've always occurred when I had a cold. So I thought that the cold was causing the frequent urge to urinate. My doctor said that however, bladder inflammation is most often due to bacteria.

There are actually many other causes of frequent urination. Diuretics (even coffee), medications and diabetes can cause this symptom as well.

Post 2

I've had a constant urge to urinate for the past one week. I finally went to the doctor this morning and she said that I have cystitis and gave me antibiotics. What is cystitis exactly? I had never heard of it before.

Post 1

I used to suffer from frequent urinary tract infections when I lived with roommates. I have always paid attention to hygiene but I guess my roommates weren't very careful about it. The first and major symptom I always had with UTIs was the frequent urge to urinate. I actually didn't have to go more often, I just felt like I did. This was always the sign for me to see a doctor.

After I moved to my own apartment, I have not had a urinary tract infection. It's important for people who use public bathrooms or who share their bathroom with multiple people to be extremely careful. Women need to be twice as careful as men because UTIs are

more common in women like the article said. I think the fact that we have to sit on the toilet increases our risk. I always keep antibacterial sprays and wipes in the bathroom and wipe the toilet frequently, even though I'm the only one using the bathroom now. I always clean the toilet after I have guests over.

If I have to use a public bathroom, I make sure to use toilet seat sheets.

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