What are Xylitol Nasal Sprays?

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Xylitol nasal sprays are natural sprays that contain xylitol, a naturally sweet sugar alcohol, and are used within the nose to help clear the sinuses. Many natural physicians recommend xylitol nasal sprays to individuals who suffer from nasal allergies or who suffer from inflamed nasal passageways. Some studies have shown that xylitol is effective in nasal irrigation, as xylitol can help prevent the buildup of bacteria within the nose. The majority of people can tolerate these nasal sprays well without any adverse effects, making it a safer alternative to tradition medical nasal sprays.

Natural physicians might prescribe xylitol nasal sprays to individuals suffering from nasal allergies, as some studies have shown xylitol to be very beneficial for nasal irrigation. Xylitol nasal sprays may also help reduce the buildup of bacteria within the nasal pathways, just as xylitol does within the mouth when consumed. A nasal spray can be sprayed into each nostril once or twice a day to help clear the sinuses and provide relief from certain allergic symptoms. Further medication by a natural physician may be required if allergies present more problematic symptoms other than stuffy sinuses.


The sugar alcohol called xylitol is a naturally occurring alcohol found in many vegetables and fruits, and even in small amounts in the human body. Commercial xylitol is usually extracted from birch wood or from other vegetation, and contains virtually no contaminates or allergens that might interfere with one's health. It is also a natural sugar substitute that sweetens foods and pharmaceuticals, and it does not raise blood sugar in the same way regular sugar does. People with severe diabetes can safely use xylitol nasal sprays without any fear of raising blood sugar levels to undesired levels.

These nasal sprays do not require a prescription, even though a physician may prescribe it to a patient as a natural approach to allergies. These sprays can be purchased at some health foods stores and are also available online. Although more research is needed on the subject of xylitol nasal sprays at improving the quality of health for those suffering with nasal allergies, it is still seen as a natural and effective approach for most individuals. These sprays can often be quite inexpensive compared to pharmaceutical sprays, making them a preferred choice for those who cannot use health insurance or afford prescription medications.


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Post 3

I've been dealing with allergies for years and I can confidently say that xylitol nasal spray is the best nasal spray I have used. Other sprays either did not work or had negative side effects. They would irritate my nasal passageway or leave an awful taste in my mouth. No only does xylitol nasal spray have a pleasant aftertaste, it's also very soothing and effective. I have never experienced irritation from it and it literally makes my allergies go away.

Post 2

@literally45-- I highly doubt that xylitol nasal spray is going to raise a diabetic's blood sugar. I don't know about foods containgin xylitol, but I don't think you need to worry about that when it comes to nasal spray. You're only going to use a few sprays twice a day.

Post 1

I have my doubts about xylitol nasal sprays. Xylitol is a common ingredient in sugar-free treats that are labeled as safe for diabetics. I'm a diabetic and have purchased sweets made with this sugar alcohol before. To my surprise, the treats actually did raise my blood sugar.

Technically, the body is not supposed to recognize sugar alcohol molecules. So it should not raise blood sugar. But I think that some people can and do digest sugar alcohol and it can affect blood sugar. It's probably a good idea for diabetics to monitor their blood sugar closely when using a xylitol nasal spray. Of course, using nasal spray is different than consuming something, but it might still get absorbed into the body.

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