What Are Wire Mesh Panels?

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Wire mesh panels are wire products that are often used in the construction of enclosures appropriate for manufacturing facilities and other types of businesses. In addition, panels of this type may also be utilized for residential use as a decorative element for a fence or even some type of interior design element. Depending on the type of materials used to construct the wire mesh panels, the products can be extremely durable while also offering the benefit of a relatively unobstructed view.

A number of different types of materials can be used in the construction of wire mesh panels. Along with various types of metals, the mesh may also be constructed of some type of artificial fiber such as polyester. The framing for the panels may be wood, plastic, or metal, allowing some panels to be extremely sturdy while others offer the benefit of being lightweight and easy to move or transport. Owing to the different types of wire mesh that is part of the basic panel design, it is possible to find the right combination of materials for use in a number of different types of projects.


Uses of wire mesh panels often focus on providing security without the need to obscure the line of vision. This is particular true in a warehouse setting. The panels can be used to construct cages that serve as the storage space for raw materials, machine supplies, and other resources that are crucial to the manufacture of goods. When using mesh panels constructed with steel, this means that while anyone can easily see into the cage, the ability to break through the panels and reach the goods is greatly diminished. The end result is that the task of preventing theft due to unauthorized entry into the space is kept to a minimum.

Wire mesh panels can also be helpful in residential settings. Decorative panels can serve as sections of an outdoor fence that makes it possible to enclose a front or back yard with relative ease. The panels can also be utilized as a means of enclosing a porch area without obscuring the view. Room dividers can also be constructed using the panels, making them ideal for this purpose in a small apartment while still allowing the available natural light to reach every area of the space. It is even possible to use wire mesh panels as part of the materials for wall art, adding style to a blank wall.


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