What are Wine Glass Charms?

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Wine glass charms are small accessories that can be attached to the stem of a wine glass. Usually on a ring or clasp, the charms are decorative and can be made in many shapes, colors, and themes. Wine glass charms are a great way to personalize wine glasses and make lovely gifts or souvenirs.

If you are having a themed party or wine tasting, you will likely be able to find charms that match your theme. Usually made from metal, colored stone, wood or beads, the charms can even be custom ordered through some companies. They are an elegant and no-fuss decorative item for your celebration. Try finding beautiful carved leaves for a harvest party, butterflies and birds for a spring barbecue, or gift-wrapped presents for a Christmas event.

The charms have become popular as a souvenir or wedding favor. Some companies will do custom engraving or artwork as specified by the customer. If you are having a small wedding, consider getting guests metal charms with their names carved on them. For larger receptions, a lovely picture of bells, doves or other imagery makes a wonderful favor for guests to take home. Company events can use wine glass charms with their logo or company name engraved on a variety of metal finishes.


While it is easy to find wine glass charms to suit most occasions, you can also easily make your own. This can be a fun project for children to help out with, and will probably save you money if you are making them for a large group. Jewelry supply and craft stores carry metal clasp rings that are meant to make earrings, but work perfectly for wine glass charms. String them with beads or small metal charms and you will have a stylish wine accessory. Use beads that match your kitchen or entertaining area to make your glasses fit your personal style.

If you enjoy having wine-tastings or parties with lots of wine at home, charms can be used to identify different glasses. If you are doing wine tasting of several varieties that require different glasses, use a separate charm for each type of wineglass to help guests remember what to use. In large groups, try giving each glass a different wine glass charm. Pointing out the individual wine glass charms to guests will prevent people from mixing up glasses with each other or losing track of their glass.

Depending on the material and source, wine glass charms vary in price. You can often find sets of 6 charms for between $10-$20 US dollars (USD.) Customized charms are usually sold in sets of at least 50, beginning at around $2 USD per charm. Detailed charms that include semi-precious stones or intricate carvings can be sold in sets for $20-$50 USD. Wine glass charms make a great gift, and are a wonderful way to add additional elegance to your own wine glass collection.


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I am looking for the ring that fits over the wine bottle. I have seen them used to hand the wine glass charms on when not in use. Thanks

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