What are Waterproof Trousers?

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Waterproof trousers are a kind of outerwear that are meant to be worn in wet weather, snowy weather, or generally damp conditions. The purpose of the trousers are to keep the wearer dry so that his skin does not become damp or clammy while working, exercising, or traveling in damp or wet conditions. Depending on the kind of lining in the trousers, waterproof trousers might also be used to keep the wearer warm. With a lining made of an insulating fabric such as flannel or a similar thermal fabric, the wearer of waterproof trousers can both protect his skin from dampness and make sure that his body temperature does not fall too low while interacting with inclement weather or otherwise wet conditions.

There are waterproof trousers that are designed for a number of uses. For example, there are heavy duty waterproof trousers that are designed to allow fishermen to wade as far as waist-deep into rivers, lakes, and streams while keeping their interior clothing warm, dry, and comfortable. In fact, sometimes these kinds of trousers are attached to high bibs that allow fishermen to wade into water that reaches as high as the middle of their chests.


Other kinds of waterproof trousers include trousers that are a bit less heavy duty and are simply meant to be worn in rain or similarly wet conditions. For example, there are waterproof trousers that are designed to be worn by runners, joggers, and people who walk for fitness. These trousers are usually light and are either designed to be worn over running tights or on their own. In some cases, instead of completely repelling water, meaning that they are waterproof, the trousers are simply water resistant. This means that if they were submerged in water, as with the trousers meant to be worn by fishermen, they would eventually become at least partially saturated with water.

Sometimes waterproof trousers or water resistant trousers are worn as part of uniforms by people who work outside in many kinds of weather. People who work outside directing airplanes on airport fields, for example, have to work even in rainy and snowy conditions and they must be kept both warm and dry. Having waterproof trousers as part of their uniform options is an important part of keeping them safe and healthy even while working for entire days of rain, snow, and similar conditions. Many uniform supply companies offer a number of kinds of waterproof outerwear in their product lines.


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