What are Water Aerobics Shoes?

B. Miller

Water aerobics shoes are shoes worn during water aerobics classes in order to provide traction. Though it is not generally a requirement to wear water aerobics shoes during a water aerobics class, they can be beneficial, and many people choose to use them. The shoes are designed to be waterproof, of course, and to dry quickly once they are out of the water. They generally feature straps or elastic laces, and are designed to be easily slipped on and off.

Water aerobics shoes can protect against foot fungus from locker room floors.
Water aerobics shoes can protect against foot fungus from locker room floors.

Water aerobics classes generally involve moving about in the pool, which can be slippery. Even standing in one place and doing aerobics activities can cause the feet to slip, and water aerobics shoes can prevent this. In addition, many water aerobics classes involve aqua jogging, which is a cross between swimming and jogging where one tries to move quickly across the pool using similar motions as if one is jogging.

Water aerobics is an exercise performed in a pool.
Water aerobics is an exercise performed in a pool.

Water aerobics shoes are particularly beneficial for this aqua jogging purpose. They allow the wearer to better grip the bottom of the pool, which can increase speed. The increased speed allows for more aerobic benefit from the exercise. Other aqua jogger equipment includes a water aerobics belt, which makes the wearer slightly more buoyant in the pool, making it somewhat easier to get across the pool, as well as safer. A water aerobics belt is not intended to act as a life jacket, however, and should not be worn as such.

Water aerobics shoes are inherently buoyant, meaning they will float to the top of the pool if they slip off during use. They are not intended to be used as a flotation device, though, and will not make the wearer any more buoyant than usual. Water aerobics shoes may also be used in other activities in or around the water where traction is important, such as on a boat or kayak.

Water aerobics shoes come in different sizes and designs for men, women, and children; they are available in many different colors and styles. Some people also like to wear these shoes while walking around the pool to prevent the potential of contracting a foot fungus that is often found on the floors of locker rooms and pool areas in fitness centers. Even if water aerobics shoes are not worn in the pool, it is a good idea to at least wear flip flops, and not go barefoot when walking around the pool or the locker room.

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@bfree - I know exactly which shoes you're talking about with the little toes built into them.

I sent my husband out to get our son a pair of sandals for our boat trip and he came home wearing a pair of those barefoot water shoes with the toes in them.

I was a little upset at first because they're pretty expensive but my son loves them so it's worth it. He wears them everywhere we go now. And another place where I've found them useful at is the huge public water parks. There's a lot of icky bare feet running around in those places.


On my last birthday my boyfriend gave me a pair of those foot glove shoes or five finger sport shoes I think they're called. Have you seen them?

Most women would probably have thrown them back in his face but not me. I'm a water aerobics instructor and I've been saving my money so I could buy a pair of them. I was so excited.

Now I can take my savings and buy him a pair too so we can go on our hiking trip this fall in the Rocky Mountains and not worry about slippery logs and cold water creeks.

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