What are Utility Loaders?

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Chances are you have seen or used a utility loader, but just knew it by another name. Here is a brief description of a utility loader, along with some examples of what can be done with loaders of this type.

Also known as track loaders or loading utility equipment, utility loaders are simply motorized devices that allow the operator to engage in tasks that require moving large amounts of soil or other materials with ease. Utility loaders come in models that can either be ridden similar to a tractor, or may be purchased in models that are designed to have the operator walk behind the unit. The range of size for utility loaders will vary, from small models that are perfect for use around the home to larger models that work great at any large-scale construction site.


The landscaping industry is one example of where the use of utility loaders come in very handy. The loaders are able to move easily over both concrete and grass, with many models being narrow enough to fit through standard size fence gates, which can save a lot of time and trouble when it comes to hauling materials to and from the landscape site. Utility loaders can be used to bring in topsoil, dirt, gravel, sections of sod, and even trees without the need for a lot of stress and strain on the part of the landscape team. Utility loaders are sometimes equipped with digging equipment that is very helpful in the creation of trenches for sprinkler installation as well.

When it comes to uses in larger construction work, utility loaders are often employed to move heavy materials from one part of the job site to the other, as there is a need. The loader can be positioned so that the materials can be loaded on the unit, or more advanced types of utility loaders will include platform equipment that will allow the unit to slide under the materials, pick them up, and then deliver them to another location.

Utility loaders make it possible to handle all sorts of jobs much more quickly and with fewer personnel required to accomplish the same ends. The result is landscaping and construction jobs completed quickly and with less cost. Utility loaders for use around the home can be obtained at very reasonable prices, and even the larger utility loaders can easily pay for themselves in a very short time. The next time there is a large construction or landscaping job to be done around the house, look into the possibility of purchasing or renting a utility loader. The loader will easily be worth every penny.


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