What are UPVC Double Glazed Windows?

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UPVC, or un-plasticized polyvinyl chrolide, double glazed windows are a type of window with frames made out of a type of durable plastic. Double glazing refers to windows constructed from two panes with a space separating them. This space is filled with air or another gas like argon. Many times, uPVC double glazed windows are used to replace older single pane windows.

There are many benefits to uPVC double glazed windows. The first is that it is usually cheaper than other types of windows. It also generally requires less maintenance than other windows. This is because uPVC windows generally do not rot, peel, or flake, meaning that they usually do not need repainting. Generally, all that is needed to clean these windows is a wipe with a cloth.

UPVC double glazed windows are also more durable than other frames. For instance, they generally do not warp or bend like other materials. In addition, the frames are hard to break, keeping burglars out of homes. In addition, because it has two panes rather than one, the double panes are more difficult to break through than single pane windows.


The two panes in uPVC double glazed windows also help reduce energy costs because they are better insulators than single glazed windows. The air between the two panes will help keep heat in the home. This results in less energy being needed to keep the home warm. In addition, the air between the panes will help to keep noise outside of the home.

However, with the advantages of uPVC double glazed windows come some disadvantages. These windows are not easy to take apart and so are not easy to repair. Some have also expressed concerns about how the manufacturing of these windows affects the environment. UPVC is basically PVC without the softeners needed to make it suitable for making things like fake leather handbags and shoes. Though there are some stabilizers and additives needed to make it usable, uPVC is more rigid than PVC.

Manufacturing the frames for uPVC double glazed windows can use up to eight times the energy it takes to manufacture a timber window. The manufacturing process also releases more waste into the environment. In addition, the windows are also not biodegradable. The windows can also be difficult to recycle because of the different chemicals that are in the plastic.


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