What are UFO Hotspots?

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UFO hotspots are specific locations where numerous UFO sightings have taken place. People who would like an opportunity to see UFOs can visit a UFO hotspot for the best chance of success. A hotspot is often a place to socialize with other paranormal enthusiasts while you look for Unidentified Flying Objects.

UFO hotspots exist all around the world. UFO reports can come from Aboriginal people in the Australian outback, to urban dwellers in the heart of Mexico City. And, while most UFO sightings can be quickly explained by modern science, a few verifiable incidents are too mysterious to dismiss.

Places like Roswell, New Mexico in the United States have become legendary for stories of crashed extraterrestrials and UFO debris fields. There have been reports of UFO activity around Roswell since 1947. Although UFO reports have been documented since the dawn of history, Roswell is hailed as the first modern UFO hotspot.

A few hundred miles away near Rachel, Nevada lies one of the most talked about UFO hotspots in the world, known as Area 51. The perimeter is wide, and is heavily patrolled by armed US military guards, but satellite photos show an industrial compound that houses many large buildings and warehouses. It is said that the bodies of dead extraterrestrials have been kept in a secret vault there. Hundreds of photographs and videos of flying UFOs over Area 51 make it a documented hotspot.


One of the most active hotspots for UFOs in the US is in Gulfbreeze, Florida. The flap began back in 1987 when a local known as Ed Walters managed to capture some astoundingly detailed photographs of a flying UFO. When the photos made the local paper, other townspeople stepped forward to say they had also witnessed something paranormal. Before long, Walters and other people were spotting UFOs so frequently, they accumulated a mountain of photographs and videos of the strange spacecraft. Today, UFO enthusiasts still gather on the outskirts of town to watch for UFOS and to swap tales of previous sightings, making Gulfbreeze one of the true UFO hotspots.

England is no stranger to UFO reports, with the town of West Yorkshire topping the charts today. Unidentified flying objects are reported every few months in Yorkshire, offering a decent chance to see a flying UFO. An expert on UFOs, Nick Pope, recommends, “People who want to alien-spot should definitely go to Yorkshire.” Other UFO hotspots in England are Nottingham, Lancashire, Shropshire, North Somerset and Avon, among others.

Mexico is another active UFO hotspot. UFO sightings are practically a daily occurrence in the skies above Mexico City, and there can be thousands of witnesses. They are not alone. The countries of Brazil, France, Puerto Rico, Japan, Russia, and Australia all have a history steeped in unexplainable UFO reports. If you want to see UFOs, you might improve your chances by visiting one of the acknowledged UFO hotspots.


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